Aluminium and glass made to order

AGI-customised-aluminium-and-glass-shopfrontAGI  reports a growing demand for customised aluminium and glass constructions in both domestic and commercial markets. In the residential sector, the call for made-to-order aluminium and glass patio doors and enclosures, sliding doors and stacking doors has increased significantly as property owners extend and improve their homes.

Luke Scott-Hall, national manager of aluminium products at AGI, says this is a country-wide trend. “Aluminium and glass extensions are popular for their aesthetics, versatility, durability and quick, mess-free installation.” In the commercial market, fit-for-purpose aluminium and glass constructions which are light yet robust and attractive as shopfronts, small business facades and entranceways, are also gaining greater market share.

“The increased demand for made-to-measure aluminium facades, windows and doors is reaching us through our country-wide commercial channel of installers,” says Scott-Hall. He attributes the growing popularity of aluminium and glass to two driving factors. First is the wide range of aluminium finishes, from the traditional anodised aluminium finish to new epoxy powder-coated aluminium in a wide variety of colours. Second is that the glass, fitted into the aluminium frames, can be specified to insulate against cold and heat, minimise noise invasion and reduce or increase light ingress.

AGI Glass manufactures a range of products that meet the SANS specifications for safety. Within this range are products that offer a higher thermal resistance than conventional single glazing. Sealed insulating glass units, or SIGUs, for example, trap a layer of dry air between two glass panes to provide a higher level of insulation.

AGI’s aluminium and glass divisions are members of AAAMSA (Association of Architectural Aluminium Manufactures of South Africa)  and SAGGA (South African Glass and Glazing Association). As well as representing the interests of the industries, these associations act as regulatory bodies to ensure high standards are maintained.

“Architects and installers involved in projects requiring customised aluminium and glass windows, doors and facades can be assured of top quality aluminium and glass solutions that adhere to safety requirements and building standards,” Scott-Hall adds.

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