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Universally compatible metal roof tile

The cost effective Uni-tile is universally compatible with other popular metal tiles on the South African market. It can be used for new roofs and is ideal for extensions and re-roofing projects.

As the cost-effective sister product of the proven premium ARMA-TILE™, it is manufactured on the same production line to the same stringent ISO 9001: 2008 quality requirements and specifications.

The product features:

  • Wider top range for easier fixing to batten
  • Wider bottom lip for better water resistance
  • Bigger side lap to prevent water ingress

Uni-Tile is available in three standard colours – burgundy, green and black – in 100% acrylic grit coat.  This A 100% pure acrylic coating is applied to tiles and accessories during the manufacturing process. Small silica granules are imbedded into the top coating, which give Uni-tile its textured appearance. Once the top coat is applied, the tiles and accessories are processed through the drying chamber for curing purposes. This acrylic coating can withstand high ultra-violet levels and the most adverse weather conditions including pelting rain and hailstorms. The elasticity of the coating furthermore prevents chipping and cracking in these adverse weather conditions. It is important to note that during every stage of the manufacturing process constant laboratory tests are being carried out to ensure that both local and international quality is achieved and maintained as prescribed by the SABS 1022 standards system.

The tile profile is pressed in standard lengths with the granular coating applied to one side. Each profile is 1760 x 395mm overall length, providing 1600 x 369mm cover. Each tile is 4.15 kg per tile in mass. (1.69 tiles required per m2 or 0.59m2 per tile)

The tiles are produced from a Z200 spelter galvanised steel. Alternatively, the tiles may be manufactured from steel with a galvalume finish.

The Uni-Tile tiles should ideally be used on roof pitches of 15° and higher, not requiring an underlay. Roofs with pitches between 12° & 15° need to be installed with an SABS approved underlay.

In order to break up the line of joints visible on the roof and to enhance the aesthetic appearance, it is recommended that tiles follow a staggered pattern when installed. The staggered pattern is obtained by laying every second tile, in alternate courses, with a double side lap. The remainder of the tiles are then laid in the conventional way, with a single side lap.

A minimum order of 1 Pallet (400 tiles) in assorted colours, (minimum 100 tiles per colour) applies.

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