Trouble-free access for wheelchair users in existing buildings

The Vimec range of lifts is available from Hands On Lifts n South Africa.

The Silver platform lift is the ideal way to ensure accessibility of business premises, public buildings, homes and residential buildings.

Easy installation and safety features ensure that the Silver platform lift is ideal for freedom of access to buildings of all types, assuring wheelchair users independent personal mobility.

The Silver does not require a pit of any kind meaning that it is exceptionally suitable for existing buildings and retro installations.

The Silver’s features include a stainless steel structure, active and passive safety features, and the proven Vimec mechanical drive systems. The on-board and floor control panels are equipped with keys and are easily operated.

The Steppy vertical platform lift is available in three different versions according to the height to be covered. It can be installed either in a pre-existing opening or in its own shafts. As it is weatherproof, it can also be installed outside.

The Steppy platform lift offers twenty-two different platform configurations, with lifting ranges of up to two metres. The user’s safety is guaranteed with active and passive safety features, such as safety gear, self-levelling system, emergency descent mechanism and anti-blackout device. The platform floor is in non-slip embossed natural aluminium.

Technical and stylistic features include hydraulic operation, sheet metal or glass enclosures for an attractive appearance, and on-board controls.

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keyboard_arrow_upTrouble-free access for wheelchair users in existing buildings
keyboard_arrow_downTrouble-free access for wheelchair users in existing buildings

Vimec platform lifts, available from Hands On Lifts in South Africa, are ideal for retro fitting in existing buildings and ensure access to floor levels to wheelchair users, the physically disabled and mobility