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Traviatas IsoCore floor survives natural disaster!

Installed only a few months ago at Durban’s Mancosa College, the waterproof characteristic of Traviloc’s new IsoCore flooring was tested to the limit, as was the strength and versatility of the joint system.

Library repaired after flooding

Specified because the building had a history of damp problems and because no further preparation was needed on the previously carpeted surface, the IsoCore had only been down a couple of weeks when disaster struck. Torrential rain hit Durban and resulted in flooding in many parts. The volume and pressure of the storm water passing under the building was so great it caused manhole covers under the floor to burst open covering the entire floor to a depth of some 200mm.

Watermark on salvaged legs after flooding in library

After the flood waters had subsided, the IsoCore floor was uplifted and the dislodged manhole covers repaired and replaced. Following the dry-up operation the IsoCore flooring was put back together with no damage to the joints and the students were able to use the library again in a matter of days.

Pressure from manhole covers raises floorWhat is important was that there was no damage to the floor as a result of the water and only a couple of boxes of new material were needed to cater for mechanical damage. The “Ultra Fresh” coating which the Swiss Oak Lucern floor has on both top and bottom surfaces will also inhibit any mould or mildew growth as a result of residual moisture in the environment.

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