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Traviata - Locked into LVT

When it comes to Luxury Vinyl flooring in South Africa there are differing views on whether Glued Down or Interlocking options are best suited to our conditions.

Traviata luxury vinyl flooring

Central to the discussion around interlocking LVT’s is the issue of our large temperature variations – day / night and summer / winter. We don’t insulate, we have large expanses of window and sliding / folding doors and leave doors and windows open. As a result, products designed for the temperature controlled environments of first world Europe and North America are not always suited to South African conditions.

Interlocking vinyl floor planks from Traviata

Key to the success of Traviata Flooring’s Traviloc click ranges has been their long standing association with one manufacturer – an internationally acknowledged technology leader in vinyl flooring who has come to SA to understand our uniqueness and gone back to reformulate products that work here. Through the eight years of this relationship, a vast amount of knowledge and experience has been passed on to Traviata’s customer base and as a result the company can boast a proud success record in both commercial and residential sectors. The other success factor has been Traviata’s insistence that installers always stick to the rules when installing Traviloc.

Isocore flooring for a lighter, stronger, more rigid vinyl floor plank

Now also available from Traviata is the next generation in interlocking vinyl flooring featuring the revolutionary “IsoCore” technology. IsoCore delivers a lighter, stronger and more rigid board. Importantly for the African climate, IsoCore contains no plasticisers in the core and is the most dimensionally stable floor in its category. Aesthetically the larger plank format, high definition visuals and rich textures offer a degree of reality not seen before in LVT.

Isocore combines the beauty of hardwood, the durability of LVT and the ease of a click installation.

From a functional perspective the IsoCore floor also incorporates a factory applied “sound mitigating underlay” as well as the “Ultra Fresh” mould and mildew inhibitor on both top and bottom surfaces. The enhanced Ceramic Bead wear layer gives added protection against scuffs, scratches and stains. Isocore combines the beauty of hardwood, the durability of LVT and the ease of a click installation.

IsoCore is suitable for all Retail, Hospitality, Corporate, Educational and Residential applications.

Traviata Flooring Systems

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