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True Sound Acoustics started eight years ago as an installations company, focusing on public address, club and live sound, as well as data projector and lighting installations. Over three hundred sound installations have been completed successfully since its initiation, with church upgrades being the bulk of this. The proper control of room acoustics often requires three distinct types of sound management: absorption, transmission control and diffusion. Absorption of the sound waves bouncing around inside a room reduces reverberation.

Transmission control (keeping inside sound in, and outside sound out) not only keeps the neighbors happy, it improves the sound within the room.

Diffusion helps reduce acoustic anomalies without removing energy from the space. To do this, alleviate large, flat, reflective room surfaces (about which the consensus is they have no place in serious recording, performing or listening environments) need to be alleviated and, instead, surfaces of scientifically-designed varying shapes, sizes and angles must be introduced.

Many spaces can benefit from the introduction of properly designed and located diffusion; only the quantity and placement varies. Diffusion has been successfully implemented in studios, control rooms, concert halls, gymnasiums, meeting rooms, sanctuaries, natatoriums and more. The proper balance of diffusive and absorptive surfaces varies with room size and function, so True Sound Acoustics — your Auralex Application Specialist will be glad to assist you in choosing the proper type and quantity of diffusors, and can advise you as to the best location for the devices in your particular space.

The synergy between the product lines that True Sound imports, distributes and services keeps them at the forefront of the market. Many factors have contributed to the growth of True Sound Acoustics, but the strongest one has been the relationships and partnerships the staff and management have developed over the years.

Services offered:

  • Fabric wall systems
  • Fiber optic starlight ceilings
  • Sound isolation products for residential, commercial and marine
  • Auralex acoustic panels for studios, home theatres, music rooms.
  • Acoustic consulting
  • Room measurement and system calibration
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