The twilight switch – extra protection for your home

Solent Innovate introduces the Twilight Switch which turns several lamps ‘on’ automatically at sunset and ‘off’ after a preset time, every day of the year. Optionally the Twilight Switch turns each lamp on randomly throughout the night.

The smart Twilight Switch consists of a light-sensitive sensor and timer with manual remote. It adapts to the season automatically and is suitable for all lamps up to 1000 watts per unit.

Operated via wireless by radio control with an automatic and manual mode selectable.

The Twilight Wireless Switch is used in conjunction with a light sensor triangle, Twilight receiver switches and a remote control for indoor use.

The light sensor triangle should be placed near a window (window ledge) in the daylight.

The light sensor and the remote control will operate three Twilight receiver switches within a 25m range in open air. Structural walls between rooms could lessen this range somewhat.

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keyboard_arrow_up5 of the best uses for your fan
keyboard_arrow_down5 of the best uses for your fan

If you think fans are ineffective and expensive to use, think again! Fans are a great way to cool down and get the air in your home moving.

keyboard_arrow_upSolent on choosing between a ceiling, pedestal or wall fan
keyboard_arrow_downSolent on choosing between a ceiling, pedestal or wall fan

Fans play a major role in regulating the temperature of a room, offering a cooling effect and increasing ventilation. However, with all the various options available these days, finding the right fan for your needs can sometimes be a daunting task.  

keyboard_arrow_upCeiling fans – glossary of terms from Solent
keyboard_arrow_downCeiling fans – glossary of terms from Solent

To ensure that you never get bowled over by technical jargon while shopping for a ceiling fan, Solent has compiled a complete list of all the terms that you should familiarise yourself with before you go shopping for a fan.  

keyboard_arrow_upEnergy-efficiency and style
keyboard_arrow_downEnergy-efficiency and style

One of the best additions that a homeowner can make is to put in energy-efficient ceiling fans, which will cool the home during the warm months and circulate warm air during the winter months

keyboard_arrow_upThe unsung heroes of cooling
keyboard_arrow_downThe unsung heroes of cooling

A ceiling fan from Solent reduces the real feel temperature of a room, keeps pests and mosquitoes away, and is an affordable method of cooling yourself down.

keyboard_arrow_upHow to deep clean a ceiling fan
keyboard_arrow_downHow to deep clean a ceiling fan

It doesn’t take very long to clean a ceiling fan, and it can create a healthier environment in the process.

keyboard_arrow_upSolent Ceiling Fans advise on choosing the right type
keyboard_arrow_downSolent Ceiling Fans advise on choosing the right type

Solent Trading, suppliers of an exceptional variety of fans, put together some facts on the differences between wood and aluminium blade fans, in order to make the selection process easier and to ensure that an informed decision is made.

keyboard_arrow_upChoosing the correct ceiling fan
keyboard_arrow_downChoosing the correct ceiling fan

There’s a lot more that goes into finding the correct ceiling fan, than just choosing the right colour and style.

keyboard_arrow_upA breath of fresh air
keyboard_arrow_downA breath of fresh air

A ceiling fan is a cost effective, environmentally and efficient way of keeping cool, while adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room.

keyboard_arrow_upOutsmart and outwit burglars with the Twilight Switch
keyboard_arrow_downOutsmart and outwit burglars with the Twilight Switch

With summer gone, shorter days and darker nights are around the corner.  Solent Trading has a very intelligent product on the market that will help in outsmarting and outwitting burglars.  The Twilight Switch offers the perfect simulation of an inhabited house 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ensuring peace of mind when leaving your home unoccupied.  

keyboard_arrow_upThe twilight switch – extra protection for your home
keyboard_arrow_downThe twilight switch – extra protection for your home

The Twilight Switch from Solent Innovate, a division of Solent Trading, makes it look as if homes are occupied and that residents are awake. This offers extra security to home owners

keyboard_arrow_upComfort, style, cool with Solent
keyboard_arrow_downComfort, style, cool with Solent

Solent produces fans powered by CROMPTON GREAVES motors. wooden blades, new colours, and extra length down-rods