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The sensible, silent and energy-saving minibar

Indel B, leader in minibar solutions for the global hospitality industry, announced the introduction of K Smart, the most advanced solution which grants absolute quietness and an extremely low energy consumption. The K Smart line is a new generation of minibars, designed to help hotels and resorts in their “eco-friendly” initiatives, while providing a touch of elegance in the room.

Indel B K Smart models utilise the new energy efficient compressor cooling unit, a cyclopentane insulation and high efficient R600 refrigerant, to achieve power consumption of  0,09 Kwh per day. In addition, a space-age eutectic plate mounted in the rear of the unit provides over 12 hours of cooling without consuming additional electricity, once the target temperature has been reached.  For these reasons K Smart draws 87% less energy than the best typical absorption minibars available on the market, it is environment-care designed and at the same time it grants a significant economic saving. K Smart is the first minibar in A+++ energy efficiency class available on the market.

The minibar is equipped with two saving technologies: the new Smart System and the innovative and quiet compressor cooling system that works with an eutectic plate and a remote control. The Smart System monitors cooling production according to whether a guestroom is designated as vacant or occupied and a guest is inside or outside the guestroom. The use of a K Smart minibar with Smart System, requires the presence of an energy saver installed in the room.

Hotel guests will not only be pleased to find a nearly silent minibar in their room, but a study conducted by Travelocity reveals that they may actually give a property who has installed green minibars a better review. When looking at all of their hotel review data, Travelocity concludes that travelers prefer hotels with eco-friendly initiatives over their counterparts. This makes upgrading to a K Smart minibar even more beneficial for properties that strive to obtain high ratings on guest review sites.

“More and more hotel chains like Fairmont, Wyndham or Hilton are very attentive to saving our environment and they often have sustainability goals to reduce carbon footprint” says Indel B National Sales Manager Jeanette Earle,  “Just replacing a traditional minibar with an energy efficient minibar can bring a big saving, as the traditional absorption minibar is one of the most energy consuming appliances in the guestroom and it  is the only electric appliance that is always turned on in the guestroom, even if the guestroom is vacant.”

Indel B is the only minibar producer to offer three different types of minibar cooling units. Providing compressor, absorption and thermo-electric allows Indel B minibars to fit in any environment like hotel rooms, luxury cruise-ship cabins and hospitality facilities, such as country houses, but also in clinics, offices and prisons.

In South Africa, the Indel B is available from ASSA Abloy.

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