The new Gateway Hotel Embraces Green Revolution

Gateway HotelSituated within spitting distance of Umhlanga Beach and Gateway Theatre of Shopping, the new Gateway Hotel – opening early next year – has been designed to take the concerns of environmentally-enlightened travelers to heart. Although large and luxurious, it is a hotel with a small carbon footprint. 

With 146 rooms and five conference venues, “greening” the four-star Gateway Hotel, although no easy task, was a necessary undertaking, and is something that will allow guests to enjoy the facilities of the hotel with a clear conscience. Focusing on the corporate, government, conference and leisure markets, the Gateway Hotel manages to incorporate sustainable policies without impacting on the level of luxury guests can expect to enjoy.

“The hotel will definitely meet the comfort expectations of guests, especially with our state-of-the-art conference facilities, art décor style and the rooftop pool and bar,” said Michael Lambert, CEO of the Hotel’s management company, Three Cities Group. The R200 million development, with its proximity to the Gateway Theatre of Shopping, King Shaka Airport and the Umhlanga Village, will also allow guests to enjoy and take part in the vibrant North Coast lifestyle. 

Gateway-Hotel“Although the location and style of the Hotel is beautiful, we are most proud of its green policies. I think it is important for all hotels to make those changes that will reduce resource consumption. In this case, the designers of the Gateway Hotel have done exceptionally well in reducing – as much as possible – its environmental impact,” said Lambert. 

There are many aspects of the Gateway Hotel that will appeal to the environmentally-conscience. “For example, the efficient lighting solutions are not just about using low-energy bulbs. The Hotel has also been positioned in such a way that our guests are able to take advantage of natural light. 

“Because the Hotel’s rooms are naturally lit, the guests will be less inclined to make use of electricity,” said Lambert. The windows are also UV protected – preventing the rooms from heating uncomfortably. “Without the UV protection, the guests would end up using the air-conditioning more – countering the effects of the design,” said Lambert. 

The automatic lighting control system enhances the lighting policies employed by the Hotel. “When a guest leaves the room, the system automatically switches off the lights and air-conditioning blower. This means that no unnecessary electricity is used,” said Lambert. “The Gateway Hotel has also been constructed from ‘green’ building material. Where possible, effective and approved replacements for harmful materials were used,” said Lambert. 

Gateway-HotelThe Hotel also has variable speed drive lift systems, heat pump technology, building management systems that control and optimize equipment to make it as energy-efficient as possible, and even a water treatment system that reduces the need for chlorine. These are but a few of the ‘green’ policies The Gateway Hotel has implemented. 

Opening in 2011, the Gateway Hotel is bound to become a favourite among travelers – for its beauty, location and of course, kindness to the environment.

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