The future of window film is here

Klingshield Window Film typesCeramic technology has travelled to the ultimate testing ground – space. This technology is used on the space shuttle with nothing between the astronauts and the sun. Astronauts depend on the best protection available. Down here on earth there is no better protection than ceramic window film. This space age technology is now available in Klingshield’s new ceramic window film using nanotechnology.

This new ceramic window film offers maximum heat rejection with excellent optical clarity. Once applied, the film allows visible light into your home, office and car. The new Klingshield product rejects 91% infra red heat. Air conditioning systems work more efficiently and you can enjoy a light filled room with a comfortable atmosphere.

With the cost of electricity in South Africa sky rocketing, it makes good economical sense to apply this new ceramic window film to your home, office and car, resulting in improved efficiency and energy saving, both for air conditioning and heating systems.

The revolutionary spectrally-selective nano-ceramic coating has allowed for the industry’s first full line of nano-ceramic film. This allows maximum light while keeping the destructive infrared heat and UV rays out. It’s a little more expensive than conventional window film but the advantages – both short-term and long-term – make this worth it.

Nano-ceramic window film is an ultra-transparent film applied directly to the interior of windows in a car, home or business to form a protective barrier against sun radiation. These films are an excellent solution to rising energy costs, because they reduce solar heat gain by as much as 85%.

Advanced ceramic window film provides all the benefits of traditional window films without changing the way your office, home, or car looks – only how it feels. This innovation allows natural light in – while blocking out uncomfortable heat, damaging UV rays, and distracting glare – leaving you with nothing but a perfect clear, totally natural view.

New ceramic window films have been designed to bring you the highest possible visual acuity with minimal reflection. The result is the clearest window film available today, providing 99% UV protection and high infrared rejection.

Solar window film is the only building upgrade that positively affects both the inside and outside of your facility by creating exterior uniformity while enhancing overall building performance. What’s more, every 10 square meters of product installed on glass equals one ton of air conditioning.

Ceramic films are also now available in 35%, 50% and 70% light transmittance for offices, homes and cars.

Klingshield high performance solar glass Klingshield window film tints

The clear advantages

  • Cuts off infra red radiation by 91%
  • Cuts off ultra violet radiation by 99%
  • Lets in up to 71% of visible light
  • Reduces solar heat gain by more than 50%
  • Backed by a ten year warranty
  • Makes ordinary glass shatter resistant

Klingshield is a retro-fit product installed directly to the inside of glass. It helps correct temperature imbalances between sunny and shaded areas and it deflects harsh, uncomfortable glare, reducing eye strain that is common while doing paperwork, viewing TV and monitor screens or driving a car. People are more comfortable and more productive with solar film on their windows.

From the inside solar film has a pleasant glare and distortion free view and from the outside it has a uniform appearance and complements the design. Solar film is available in a range of thicknesses and designer shades, including neutrals. Klingshield’s patented scratch-resistant coating resists scratches, keeping the film looking as new as the day it was installed, assuring care-free maintenance with most conventional methods of window cleaning.

What Klingshield hopes to bring to you in the future is self cleaning, non-reflective film that is intelligent. Glass applied with this product can tell when to darken to a perfect tint that is the perfect tone for the level of sunlight but still ensuring 100% visibility.

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