The efficient use of energy

Efficient use of energy in South Africa with Alububble Radiant Heat Barriers from Africa Thermal Insulations

Through necessity, how we use energy has become a major focus in South Africa in recent years.  The efficient use of energy in the building envelope is a source of concern as, for many years, one of the most effortless and least expensive forms of intervention – insulation – has been greatly underutilised. 

The national building regulations 10400 – X Environmental Sustainability Section A: Energy usage in buildings is expected to be published in April/ May 2010.  This legislation will impact Energy Efficiency in Residential, Commercial and Industrial buildings.

Building Insulation does not apply only to new structures.  It is imperative that retrofitting of roof insulation be carried out on existing buildings in order to keep the interior of building comfortable and to reduce electricity costs, without having to make any alterations to the building structure.

South Africa is a country which falls into the Sun Belt. This means that for nine out of twelve months of the year we need to keep heat out of buildings in a large proportion of the country. In other parts, such as the coastal areas, we need to be addressing condensation. 

Alububble Radiant Barriers address both these concerns quite adequately.  Installed under tiles, Alububble acts as a water vapour barrier, while installed in walls, Alububble perforated acts as a water vapour retarder.

Correctly installed in conjunction with air gaps in your roof, Alububble Radiant Barrier Systems create a sustainable environment, effectively protecting your building and all the functions housed within your roof or attic space from radiant heat penetration and UV deterioration.

Radiant Barriers are a must in green building design, reducing the carbon footprint of the building by cutting down on the energy usage in both the summer and winter months, thus providing all year round energy savings.

In addition Alububble Radiant Barriers protect conventional bulk insulation from excessive heat load allowing it to work more efficiently, reducing dust and moisture penetration into the attic or roof space.

Alububble is non toxic, vermin proof and durable.  It is light weight and easy to install, improving your comfort levels and saving you money.
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Efficient use of energy in South Africa with Alububble Radiant Heat Barriers from Africa Thermal InsulationsEfficient use of energy in South Africa with Alububble Radiant Heat Barriers from Africa Thermal Insulations


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