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Technology drives flooring applications

Luxury Vinyl Flooring has gone from almost unknown to the fastest growing sector in the market over the past five years. Technological innovations and enhancements have evolved faster than ever before, seeing these products gain acceptance across all market sectors.

The latest innovation to be announced by Traviata Flooring Systems in their Traviloc ranges is the ‘Unifit’ top lock system. This is the first time a top lock joint has been incorporated into a solid vinyl plank and is claimed to save as much as 30% on the time it takes to install the floor.

The new improvement comes hot on the heels of the introduction of the ‘Gen 13’ joint profile enhancement which delivered an improvement of over 400% in the tensile strength of the joints.

Not all progress has been made in areas that generate statistics though. While the Traviloc surface already utilises the latest ceramic bead technology and has a full commercial grade wear layer, there have also been great strides in the aesthetics of the floor. The technique of ‘In Registration’ embossing and the ability to produce an ultra-low gloss finish means that, once installed, most people would not be able to tell that the floor is a Luxury Vinyl and not a solid timber.

These advances have seen Traviloc Luxury Vinyl move quickly from the early niche applications to high end residential, leisure, retail and commercial installations throughout the country, where it is now associated with a number of high profile brands.

The end result is a modern flooring product that is beautiful enough to put into your home, resilient enough to handle heavy gym equipment, and hard wearing enough to cope with high volume retail traffic.

In September new Traviloc patterns will be launched – three in the ‘220’ wide range and one in the ‘190’ wide range. Golden Oak Arctic, Brown and Sand will be available in the ‘220’ wide plank, while Texas Red Oak will be available in the ‘190’ wide plank.

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