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Tanapole showcased at the tropical paradise of Cova de Tubarao

Best described as a ‘tropical paradise’, Cova de Tubarao Lodge, situated on Macaneta Island off Mozambique, has been announced by Lonza Wood Protection as the 2nd winner in their ‘Keep The Tanapole Flying High™’ Ambassador Programme. Designed and constructed three years ago by the owners, Roelie and Louise Jacobs, the lodge stands as an exemplary project in maintaining the beauty of wood in its natural form through the use of Tanapole™ wood preservation products.

Despite humid sub-tropical conditions and extreme exposure to the natural surrounding environment of Macaneta Island, Cova de Tubarao proudly showcases four magnificent log chalets, sun kissed sundecks and a beautiful display of timber construction and wood finishes throughout. Plans to further expand the lodge are also currently underway with new developments that include a house called Plaashuis, a campsite called Roelize Lodge and a three-story building called Beenbek.

Roelie and Louise Jacobs, who are also the owners of Graskop Pale, the treatment plant that supplied the Tanapole™ treated poles, explain why using quality treated wood for the construction of Cova de Tubarao was of the utmost importance, “Wood decay and insect attack in a coastal climate such as ours is always a major concern. We are pleased at how well the wood has performed over the past three years thanks to the Tanalith™ C wood preservative applied under the H4 treatment specification”.

The wood used for the decking, cladding and plywood were sourced from various suppliers in South Africa and all the thatching, reed and reed grass were soured from the local market on Macaneta Island. The four log chalets were constructed from various ways of using solid treated poles for the uprights and the walls. Plywood was also used for the flooring in some chalets as well as for the decking.

Thanks to his extensive industry knowledge and experience, Roelie successfully overcame many challenges during the construction phases, which he explains, “The poles had to be transported from our treatment plant by truck to the ferry where they were off-loaded by hand, then re-loaded onto a tractor and trailer for their final destination to the lodge, where they were again off-loaded by hand. As the lodge was built entirely on sand dunes, the main construction poles had to be planted 2-metres deep taking into careful consideration the environmental preservation of the sand dunes and vegetation”.

Lonza Wood Protection Marketing Manager, Gerard Busse, adds, “Poles need to be correctly treated to protect against fungal decay, woodborer and termites. Tanalised™ C, Tanalised™ Weatherwood™, which includes a special water repellent and Tanalised™ E, Copper Azole treatment marketed collectively under the Tanapole™ brand meet all these stringent requirements of wood preservation”.

Tanapole™ products treated H4 are covered by a 15-year guarantee against insect attack and fungal decay. All Tanapole™ products are treated according to SANS 10005 – The Preservative Treatment of Timber and meet the product SANS 457-2 product specifications for Eucalyptus poles, droppers and guardrail. The full terms and conditions of the 15-year Tanalised™ wood preservative treatment guarantee can be viewed at http://www.tanalised.com/sa/Products/guarantee.htm.

As the 2nd winner of the ‘Keep The Tanapole Flying High™’ competition, Cova de Tubarao wins either an advert or advertorial to the value of R10 000 in a publication of their choice, plus additional exposure in Tanapole and Lonza social media channels and the Tiaan Tanapole™ website. In addition, they are automatically entered into the draw for the best overall story where they stand a chance to win their choice of an Amazing Race Team Build, a state-of-the-art Hitachi Interactive White Board bundle or a holiday for two to Mauritius. There are still four submission entry opportunities until the competition closes on 31 October. For further information, visit the website at www.tanapole.co.za or follow the campaign on Facebook at www.facebook.com/tiaantanapolesa and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/Tanapole.

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