Stab-A-Load introduces the EFA-SST®-TK-100 to South Africa

The Efaflex EFA-SST®-TK-100 is the first high-speed spiral door designed for closing deep-freeze areas. This makes it an optimal single door solution for logistical processes. The excellently insulated door EFA-SST®-TK-100 helps to substantially decrease energy costs and creates constant climatic conditions in deep-freeze units.

The cold chain for deep-frozen products must never be interrupted during storage and transport. This demands an enormous amount of energy and intense logistical effort. Installing insulated doors helps to minimise temperatures losses and to accelerate processes.

The EFA-SST®-TK-100 is the first truly single door solution for deep-freeze areas that simultaneously reaches highest opening and closing speeds and the best insulation values for spiral doors. The door is designed for up to 200,000 load cycles per year and the original EFAFLEX spiral ensures practically wear-free movement of the door blade at up to 2.0 m/s.

The innovative door design of the EFA-SST®TK-100 is ingenious. The door features a seal running all the way around the structure and dynamic door blade guidance. This guidance and the spiral are mounted in a way to be movable against the frames. EFA-AFM® keeps the door blade pushed against the door frame, when closed and, combined with the rubber seal, seals the door practically hermetically. Unlike other door designs, the spiral box of the EFA-SST®-TK-100 is mounted on the outer, warm side of the door opening to protect it against increased wear due to cold.

Constant temperature, low energy consumption

The 100 mm thick EFA-THERM® insulation laths of the EFA-SST®-TK-100 guarantee better heat insulation than ever before. The laths are thermally separated as a standard.

Braves the frost

Contact surface heaters are employed throughout the entire door, being integrated into the seals around it and into the contact bar strip. These heat the contact surfaces of the seals against the door blade and the floor. The result of this unique design is a U value down to 0.62 W/m2K and operational temperatures between plus and minus 30 °C.

EFA-TLG® Door Light Grid

The TUV-certified infrared light grid EFA-TLG® system is self-monitoring and works entirely without contact, ensuring operational safety in the facility. EFA-TLG® detects even the smallest of obstacles in the door closing line. All EFA-SST®-TK-100 doors come equipped with an additional accident prevention contact bar on the main closing edge as a standard. This ensures the highest degree of active and passive functionality in consideration of difficult usage and environment conditions in the deep-freeze area. The EFA-SST®-TK-1 00 therefore also features tension springs integrated into the sides: in the event of e.g. a power failure, the door can be opened in a second using a manual lever. For even higher safety, further features like area surveillance as someone approaches or laser scanners can be provided.

The EFA-SST®-TK-100 at a glance

  • Optimal deep-freeze single door solution
  • Long-lasting high-speed door technology
  • CFC free, 100 mm thick insulation laths
  • Frames and laths thermally separated
  • Energy-efficient heating system in laths and bottom section
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keyboard_arrow_upStab-A-Load introduces the EFA-SST®-TK-100 to South Africa
keyboard_arrow_downStab-A-Load introduces the EFA-SST®-TK-100 to South Africa

The Efaflex EFA-SST®-TK-100 is the first high-speed spiral door designed for closing deep-freeze areas. 

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