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Smoke ventilation system from SE Controls for Audi Durban Central dealership

Audi’s Durban Central dealership in KZN is using smoke ventilation and window automation technology from SE Controls Africa to ensure that escape routes can be kept clear from smoke in the event of a fire, while maintaining a safe environment for customers and staff.

SE Controls worked closely with specialist fire system installers, Curvent International, to ensure that the fire consultant’s specifications, which were developed by Dynamic Fire Solutions, were implemented precisely on the project, which demanded an updated and more effective solution than the existing system.

To achieve this, SE Controls supplied six 350mm stroke length SECO N 24 25 twin chain actuators. These are linked to the company’s EN compliant SHEVTEC controller and six separate smoke detectors, mounted individually just above the window reveals, to ensure that in the event of a fire, the building’s windows automatically open to allow smoke to be vented and escape routes to be kept clear. As the smoke and fire detectors are mounted in the ceiling close to the location of the window actuators, the system required no supplementary sensing.

Fireman’s over-ride switches were also provided by SE Controls, which allow fire personnel to take control of the system and manage the fire fighting process as well as providing safe access to the building should a fire occur.

Further information on SE Controls’ products, solutions and projects can be obtained by visiting https://www.secontrols.com/en-za/ or calling  +27 31 466 1857

Smoke Ventilation Equipment Manufacturer: SE Controls Africa
Smoke Ventilation Manufacturer & Contractor: Curvent International
Fire Consultant: Dynamic Fire Solutions

SE Controls Africa

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South Africa

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