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Smart Locking Logic solves problems for utilities

The non-metal access chambers from Smartlock are characterised by market leading performance in ergonomics, ease of use, load carrying capability and service life. Solving problems that utilities face daily, including theft of manhole lids, Smartlock has incorporated features that enhance the utility’s ability to leverage logistical benefits and cutting edge electronic locking technologies. All products are proudly manufactured in South Africa and stock levels ensure immediate availability of the complete range of products.

Smartlock has built a world class reputation for developing and manufacturing innovative access management systems, including the range of unique and revolutionary access chamber solutions that fully address all the functional requirements for deployment in telecommunication and utility infrastructure and wet works applications.

Manufactured from high strength, light-weight SMC (Sheet Moulded Compound) for one person operation, the access chambers are both corrosion resistant and UV resistant. Importantly, in our current situation, the access chambers have no scrap value whatsoever.

Other features include knock-out duct entries, an optional integrated GLAM electronic locking solution, and integrated slack management brackets. Boasting a slip resistant tread pattern and impact resistance, the Rhi-Node access chambers can also be custom branded. Mechanical and electronic locking options are available.

The various materials utilised within this range have been selected based on extensive research into the functional requirements of each component. Main components such as the lid, coping and base are manufactured from SMC (Sheet moulded compound) which is part of the GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymers) family of materials. This material is extensively utilised in the motor vehicle and transportation industry as a light weight, high strength replacement for metal components. Other complementary characteristics include UV stabilisation in its natural form, fire retardant characteristics, as well as impact resistance due to flexing capacity. Various other internal components are manufactured from specialised materials such as ABS, Acetal, Polypropylene ETC, each supporting the unique requirements for the component.

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