Siniat ceiling solutions from Marley Building Systems

The Siniat range of ceiling solutions ticks all the right boxes when it comes to choice, quality and ease of installation.

Siniat ceiling products were formerly known as Lafarge Gypsum

The Siniat brand of products falls under the Marley Building Systems umbrella of innovative dry construction materials. Although the name is new to the South African market, it comprises the same tried and tested product that customers were accustomed to when purchasing from the former Lafarge Gypsum stable.

Belgian industrial group, Etex, purchased the gypsum business from Lafarge SA in November 2015 to incorporate that company’s range of products under their subsidiary in South Africa, Marley Building Systems.

Etex was founded in 1905 when the company set up its first fibre cement factory in Brussels. Today, the group enjoys geographical diversification with 99 companies and 120 factories in 42 countries.

Siniat is the name given to the interior building boards business of Etex, explaining how the name came to be used in South Africa.

The Siniat Ceiling Solutions range includes exposed and fixed ceilings, offering the market suspended ceiling grids, fixed ceilings and access panels, as well as solutions for curved and vaulted ceilings and a selection of decorative mouldings.

Siniat ceiling boards and vinyl ceiling tiles are manufactured from quality plasterboards, and when combined with the Master Grid ceiling grid, they deliver an aesthetically pleasing ceiling solution.

Siniat ceilings available from Marley Building Systems

Siniat Master Grid’s clipping mechanism ensures significant system integrity at the most integral part of the grid and the design of the clip allows the T-section to be re-used. The rigidity and stability of Master Grid ensures uncompromised grid strength and, as a result, low deflection under the load. Punch out holes in the ceiling allow for expansion in the event of a fire, enabling the Main Tee to retain integrity and prevent the ceiling panels falling from the grid system. The quality standards of this suspended ceiling range are acknowledged with SANS 2001: EC and BS 13964 certifications. Suspended ceilings are specified mainly for commercial environments as they can conceal unsightly services or untidy structural elements, resulting in an elegant, yet simple and cost effective solution.

Marley Building Systems also offers steel brandering and direct fixed timber methods in the category of ceiling solutions. Plasterboard ceilings on timber framing is typically for domestic applications. Steel brandering is an alternative to timber brandering and can also be used in bulkhead construction.

The Siniat Acoustic Ceiling Solution is a high performance system that meets both noise reduction and design specifications. A major benefit of this solution is the ease of installation due to the protective glass mat glued to the back of the board to prevent dust emission, enabling a complete one-step installation and saving time and money.

The finishing touch for all ceilings is Siniat’s line of decorative mouldings to add a stylist effect to any room. There are a number of mouldings to choose from; each is lightweight and non-toxic. They vary in application from simple functionality to decorative profiling.

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