Sika celebrates its centenary

Sika-centenary-Gotthard-Base-TunnelIn 2010 Sika celebrates its centenary: 100 years of innovation and consistent service. It was 100 years ago that Sika’s Swiss founder, Kaspar Winkler, first invented a liquid waterproofing admixture called Sika-1. Since then Sika has grown into a global business developing and manufacturing innovative, high quality construction products that are available around the world.

From its early days Sika  was involved in the construction of the Gotthard railway tunnels in Europe. Sika-1 earned industry acclaim and commercial success in 1918 when the first Gotthard railway tunnel needed waterproofing. Today, the new Gotthard Base Tunnel under construction in Switzerland is once again a high profile project for Sika. With a planned length of 57km, it will be the longest tunnel in the world when it celebrates its final breakthrough in mid-2010, opening a new passage through the Swiss Alps.

 Sika is one of the main suppliers for the new tunnel. After extensive testing, Sika and Holcim  together won the contract for three of the five sections. Although Sika-1 is still very much part of the company’s product range today, after 100 years of research and experience, Sika supplies many more advanced products. Some of these are the high-tech admixtures for concrete and the tailored waterproofing systems required to guarantee that the tunnel walls are waterproofed with a service life of 100 years.

As construction works in the Gotthard Base Tunnel continue, Sika will be there every step of the way. Scheduled train services are expected to start towards the end of 2017.

Looking to the future, Sika worldwide sees the principles of sustainable development as key to resolving today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. These challenges are driven by megatrends such as water handling, energy saving and climate protection, all of which will shape future economic conditions and growth. In Sika’s view, entrepreneurial success will depend on intelligent solutions that are aligned with these megatrends and the company believes its know-how, products and service will be needed more than ever.


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