Emergency lighting in the event of power failure

The new Arteor range from Legrand - miniature emergency lighting devices to see you through a power failure.The new Arteor range from Legrand - miniature emergency lighting devices to see you through a power failure.Legrand’s new range of Arteor wiring devices includes a miniature emergency lighting unit which automatically lights up in the event of a power failure.

This emergency light offers two options: it can either be switched on at all times, or it can be set to light up only when there is a mains power break.

“A special feature of the device is that the light fitting can be easily unclipped and used as a torch – a handy facility when a room is unexpectedly plunged into darkness,” says Timothy Mountjoy, national sales manager for Legrand South Africa. “Although the removable light is small, its illumination is powerful, effective and comforting in any environment.”

The emergency lighting units are supplied with white or magnesium square cover plates and support frames and plates. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) indicate the mains and charging status.

Legrand’s Arteor range has been designed for aesthetic appeal and to provide total flexibility and optimum safety in wiring renovations and new installations. It encompasses simple switches, to the most advanced home automation systems. With this recently launched range Legrand now provides a multitude of stand-alone and system functions for commercial and residential electrical installations. All products are available from Legrand and its national distributor network.

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