Economical burglar guards

The new range of Trellidor burglar guards are suitable for low to high security risk profiles and are professionally installed by Trellidor trained technicians.In South Africa, security barriers are important in residential and commercial premises. Well known manufacturer in this industry, Trellidor has introduced a new range of economical burglar guards so that property owners are not restricted to securing only doorways, as is often the case, but can afford to secure window openings effectively as well. 

Peter Rawson, Trellidor sales and marketing director, says, “The general trend is to secure only doorways with security gates, leaving windows vulnerable to forced entry. Our new range of Trellidor Burglar Guards makes securing all windows practical as well. 

“Customers have always had the option of installing window fixtures that match our Trellidor security gates,” Rawson continues. “These are available in both fixed and sliding versions, and at least one sliding fixture is recommended as an escape route in the event of fire or a hostage situation. Our economical range of burglar guards offers another option.” 

The new range includes four different designs, one of which matches Trellidor’s security gates, for aesthetic uniformity. Price-wise they are highly competitive, but still exhibit the strength for which Trellidor is known. “These are not ‘off-the-shelf’ products. Each window opening is measured and burglar guards are custom-manufactured to size,” says Rawson. 

Trellidor Burglar Guards are made using oval tubing. They allow more light into a room and don’t block the view as much as square tubing; they are also easier to clean and more corrosion resistant. A strengthening bar provides increased resistance to forced entry and is protected with a fixing plate. 

The burglar bars can be powder coated to match décor, custom-designed to match window frames and fitted in a number of different ways. They are available on quick lead times. 

Trellidor’s range of window protection options now includes Trellidor Fixtures in both fixed and sliding designs, premium quality Cottage Guard burglar guards that match cottage pane windows, and Trellidor Burglar Guards.

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