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As the incidence of armed hold-ups increases, working in a client service area seems more and more of a risky business. Even customers are becoming edgy about their visits. Access control is the answer.

Access control is a system of controlled entry and exit through one or more entry and exit booths.

Access control cubicles can detect and isolate any individual harbouring a concealed firearm or weapon and allow you to deal with the situation, innocent or otherwise, from a position of safety. Access control cubicles control, at your option and sole discretion, the number of people allowed into your business premises at any time, and also delays or prohibits exit. The entire system can be totally locked at will.

The access control cubicle is available in a single cubicle or double cubicle, in a modular format that can be adapted to any floor layout. Easy customisation to particular décor and design standards achieves an immediate integrated appearance.

Standard product features include:

  • Interlocking doors
  • Manual or remote electronic key switch and night lock
  • Red and green light indicator
  • 7 Hour backup power supply

Optional features include:

  • Metal detectors
  • Infrared beams for single or multiple entry or exit
  • Entry exist request push button
  • Voice module
  • Biometrics
  • Finger scanners
  • Time and attendance module
  • Inner door – 28mm bullet resistant glass
  • Drop Box facility – infrared beams.
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