Specialist roofing contractors

A Peché Roofing Specialists slate roofing installation under way.Peché Roofing Specialists, a Johannesburg based company that operates nationally, is well known in the industry.

Peché Roofing works with natural slate, fibre-cement slate, clay tiles and concrete tiles, offering its clients the best available roofing materials in these different categories. The company also handles supplies of IBR, corrugated and other roof sheeting, as well as timber roof trusses and other roofing products.


It works across all sectors – on domestic, commercial, industrial, government and institutional contracts – and undertakes roof maintenance, repairs and re-roofing as well as new roofing projects.

Slate roofing is something of a specialised installation. Here, Peché Roofing works either with a Conventional slate roofing system, to a recommended minimum pitch of 30º, or with the Alumaz system, which can be used on lower pitches to a recommended minimum of 17º.

It sources slate in various colours – Silver blue, West Country or Multicolour, Midnight blue, Jade green and Sunset – and the slates are supplied in various sizes to suit the preferred installation system and finished appearance for the roof.

Trussed rafters need to be sized and spaced correctly, based on the overall weight of the slate roofing. Slates used in the Conventional system are supplied in various lengths, from 305mm to 455mm and widths from 205mm up to 280mm, and have an average weight of about 78kg/m².

By contrast, slates used in the Alumaz system are supplied in a standard 280mm length and widths ranging from 205mm up to 405mm. These slates, together with the composite aluminium foil roofing underlay used in this system, have a substantially lower overall weight of 43kg/m². This lower weight introduces cost savings in the slate tiles, the roof structure, and the overall building structure.

The AluSlate™ underlay, which is distributed by KwaZulu-Natal-based Red Gate Trading, is designed specifically for use with slate roofing. It is a multilayered product, including a fibreglass layer for added strength and a fully foiled aluminium top layer. It provides an effective waterproofing barrier beneath the slate tiles. The foil has a non-reflective charcoal coating – to suit all slate colour variations and ensure that there is no glint of silver shining through the slates in a finished roofing installation.

Denis Peché, a director of Peché Roofing, says the company has completed numerous large and smaller-scale slate roofing contracts, in Gauteng and nationwide. “Slate is a durable, long-lasting and attractive roofing material that adds value to any property development,” says Peché.

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