Greenhouse Roof for Notre-Dame designed by Studio NAB

The fire that destroyed the roof of Paris’ iconic Notre-Dame Cathedral has brought industry players together to highlight sustainable environmentally friendly building products that are fire-resistant and easy to maintain. Studio NAB has envisioned a replacement “greenhouse roof”. Described as a cathedral “in green for all”, the project would see the creation of a rooftop greenhouse that embraces the reintroduction of biodiversity, education and solidarity.

proposed green rooftop for Notre-Dame Cathedral designed by Studio NAB

The Studio NAB scheme is designed to be “anchored in its time, turned towards the future and representing the stakes of our time.” The greenhouse would enable the professional reintegration of the poor and disenfranchised through education about urban agriculture, horticulture and permaculture whilst reconnecting children with nature through educational workshops.

green roof top proposal for the notre-dame cathedral

Bees would be reintroduced to the cathedral through a central hive, where beekeeping training would continue the scheme’s ethos of productivity. Burnt oak framework from the fire would be reused in the creation of planters and facilities present in the greenhouse.

bee hive on top of the proposed green rooftop at notre-dame cathedral

The design is one of many produced in response to the Notre-Dame fire, with a competition for the roof’s redesign commissioned recently the damaged landmark provides an opportunity for architects to push their creativity and innovation.

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