Insultrak, by D&D Roofing, was borne out of extensive research and development, initially due to the problem presented by thicker faced fibre roof insulation materials being specified in over-purlin roof applications.

Since the inception of the SANS 10400-XA standard for Energy Usage in Buildings, there has been a marked increase in the use of thicker fibre blanket materials to attain the required thermal values for the building’s design. This in turn impacted on the effective fixing of the roof sheet for both secret fix and standard roof sheeting systems in conjunction with the thicker insulation material.

The second problem to be solved during the R&D process was to find a material that would provide the required fire performance when used in these applications. Following testing done to SANS 428 (fire performance classification of thermal insulated building envelope systems), a material was found that met these requirements.

The third important requirement was that the material used also needed to be an effective insulator. This would negate thermal bridging that would occur with many other raw materials and would enhance the total thermal value of the installed system.

The final requirement, and by no means least important, was that the Insultrak spacer would improve the overall thermal value of the insulation material once installed, by providing the maximum return loft of the fibre blanket. It was also found that the aesthetics of the faced fibre were not affected by the addition of the Insultrak spacer.

For further details, download the Insultrak Roof Insulation Spacer / Packer here.

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