Long-life steel roofing for award-winning building

An aerial view of the Clean Colorbond™ Ultra steel roof at the new South African Container Depot facility at Cape Town harbour.Clean Colorbond™ Ultra steel, from multinational supplier BlueScope Steel, was the roofing product selected for the new South African Container Depot (SACD) facility at Cape Town harbour.

The SACD project was recently recognised in the Southern African Institute of Steel Construction’s Steel Awards 2010, as the best building in the mining and industrial category.

The curved roof of the building allows optimal space for internal storage and sorting and the roof overhang, to each side of the building, provides undercover protection for the offloading of delivery vehicles on one side and the uploading of containers for dispatch on the other side. The steel roof has an area of over 25 000m2.

In line with the worldwide move to sustainable building practices, BlueScope Steel offers architects and developers roofing systems that deliver optimum levels of performance, thermal efficiency, a long lifespan, and a product that is ultimately recyclable.

For buildings within a five-kilometre zone from the sea, or even under normal circumstances, BlueScope Steel advises that the use of premium grades of alloy-coated steel – such as Zincalume® steel, or pre-painted material – such as Clean Colorbond steel, will ensure a much longer service life than standard galvanised steel. Zincalume and Clean Colorbond steel are manufactured with an alloy coating which is 55% aluminium, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon (AZ150 coating), with proven durability.

For buildings within 100 to 400 metres of the water, the company advises using Clean Colorbond Ultra steel, which has an AZ200 coating – a mass of 200 g/m2 coated over the steel substrate. This can also be specified for projects in harsh industrial environments where aggressive fumes or particulate fallout exist within a 100m radius. This was the product used at the SACD facility, to ensure performance and lifespan in the coastal industrial environment.

The colour used for the SACD in Cape Town is Amazing White, which maximises the infrared reflective performance of the roof, making it cooler. Clean Colorbond steel also offers exceptional colour retention and dirt resistance and it incorporates anti-chalking and anti-fungal properties.

“Correctly applied, our product should give a lifespan up to four times longer than the standard galvanised steel or pre-painted galvanised steel variations in a similar building environment,” says BlueScope Steel’s Wayne Miller.

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