Corrective waterproofing for retirement village roofs

The slate tiled roofs at Mollergren Park retirement village in Hermanus have been waterproofed with Sika Sealoflex Pro.The Rotary Club of Hermanus is involved in many charity works and Sika is proud to be associated with one of these community projects which began earlier this year.

At the Mollergren Park Retirement Village, on a beachfront property in Hermanus, the slate tiled roofs had not been built to an adequate pitch to ensure effective runoff of the Western Cape’s heavy winter rainfall. Although the roofs were originally waterproofed, the retirement village has had to undertake annual roofing maintenance. Looking to minimise these costs, a long-term solution was sought.

Sika recommended that the roofs be high-pressure cleaned, then treated with Sika Sealoflex Professional. This flexible, fibre-reinforced waterproofing product eliminates the need for a separate membrane layer, making it a hassle-free, all-in-one product. The acrylic-based product is extremely durable. In application it requires no special cleaning products for tools and it can be over-coated with other acrylic paints. Sika recommended that following the application of Sealoflex Pro, the roofs should be coated with a roof paint to provide protection against ultraviolet light.

Having started with the worst roofs first, the project is now well under way with no obstacles in sight. As this Rotary Club project was referred to Sika by the store manager of Pennypinchers in Hermanus, it was arranged that the Sika product should be purchased via Pennypinchers and a special discounted price was passed on to the client in support of the charity work.

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