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Concealed fix roof sheeting incorporating transverse stiffener ribs technology

Klip-Lok and Klip-Tite

The patented transverse stiffener ribs system on Klip-Lok and Klip-Tite roof sheeting from Global Roofing Solutions offers a number of benefits:

  • Increases the strength of the broad flute
  • Stiffener ribs resist deflection during wind gusts therefore increasing upliftment performance
  • Improved shoulder or S bends
  • Increase mechanical action on the KL 700 clip
  • Less prone to oil canning

As the only company in Africa to offer this technology, Global Roofing Solutions has conducted intensive tests on the transverse stiffener ribs system to ensure that the product meets all expectations, and that the transverse pan stiffeners do not accumulate excessive dust and dirt.

Klip-Tite roof sheetingThe image illustrates dirt retention on Klip-Lok and Klip-Tite roof sheeting where two projects of equal age were assessed with regard to dirt accumulation.  As you will see, the dirt (black and brown marks) that accumulates on the roof is trapped at the bottom of the narrow flutes, and the bottom of the sides of the longitudinal pan stiffening ribs with minimal accumulation at the transverse pan stiffeners.


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