Robust yet decorative – steel internal doors

Whether for new buildings or the modernization of existing buildings, Teckentrup offers the perfect door solution for industrial, public and domestic interior construction.

The extensive range of models is characterized by the diversity of its designs and fittings. Teckentrup combines perfect looks with reliable operation, robustness and safety.

The extremely robust doors are double skinned, close tightly and have an extremely durable surface.

The wide variety of colours and finishes, a whole host of concepts and modern glazing elements ensure individual and stylish interior design.

Depending on the actual application and load, doors with either honeycomb or tubular chipboard inserts are available.

Continuous quality assurance testing in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 guarantees great quality, reliability and durability.

The dimensional stability of the internal doors is guaranteed via a small-meshed honeycomb insert which is fully bonded to the steel plate of the door leaf. The robust door surface is particularly easy to maintain and resistant to stains.

The “Teckentrup Object” internal doors are suitable for frequent use and heavy traffic. Ideal areas of application are highly frequented buildings, e.g. public offices, schools, workshops, etc., where doors are regularly opened and closed. The exceptional dimensional stability is ensured by the full surface bonding of the tubular chipboard insert to the galvanized steel plate.

The Teckentrup internal door range offers particularly attractive models. The abundance of materials, colours and attractive surfaces enables a variety of design solutions. Specially designed accessories, such as decorative glazing and stylish handle sets, ensure the realization of perfect solutions and special requirements.

The surfaces range from galvanised and designer colours up to wood designs with high quality foil coating. This ensures that just one product range offers something for every imaginable application, taste and lifestyle. And individual colour designs are also possible.

A round handle set made of black plastic is included as standard. Further sets are available in numerous colours and materials.

All doors are delivered with glazing on request. Up to 6 mm thick transparent or wired glass is available. The various windows can be adapted to the respective door dimensions.

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