Ramping up and sitting down

Local retaining block facilitates pedestrian traffic and offers informal seating at a new public transport centre in Athlone.

Strategically situated at the intersection of the N2 and Vanguard drive, this “one stop shop for public transport and vehicle related issues”is a first in South Africa. A R100 million provincial government initiative, it will allow taxi drivers to apply for their permits (temporary and permanent), motorists to renew vehicle and drivers licences and will house a new Public Transport Operating Entity (OPTE). A CCTV Control Room will be able to monitor Cape Town’s traffic flow focusing especially on taxis and buses, ensuring effective control of the city’s public transport system.

The centre will benefit all Cape Town residents and will especially uplift housing values in the immediate vicinity. Combined with the existing Vanguard Mall next door, the centre effectively creates a growth point of modernity in Athlone, the early stages of which are already visible to the south of the mall.

Another advantage, which will be highly appreciated by the taxi commuters, is the envisaged introduction of a cashless “Smart T”(T for transport) card system, which will render the troublesome taxi “guards” obsolete.

The Vangate commercial development to the east of the site has set up a number of urban design informants including a sense of scale and a primary pedestrian friendly activity spine in a west/east configuration. The site currently forms an anchor to this pedestrian spine and establishes a key focal point and anchor presence on the eastern edge of the site. The implication was therefore the establishment of a civic presence at grade on the east edge of the site.

To accomplish this goal, MDL, in association with Jakupa Architects & Urban Designers, planned a raised forecourt and ground level that allows for natural ventilation to the semi-basement level, creates a flow of traffic between the large entrance hall and parking area, but also allows for “spectator” seating for informal netball played after hours, on a paved parking square.

With this in mind, the forecourt was designed as a combination of retaining structures to serve as ramps, stairways and informal seating, as well as to facilitate the large number of people expected to pass through the centre. These were constructed with two Terraforce products, namely the L18 retaining blocks to provide the risers for the seating areas, and the 4×4 step block for the stairs, seats and the matching details around the column bases. In total, 1700 4×4 Step blocks and 800 L18 blocks were used to complete the installation.

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keyboard_arrow_downPlanting your retaining wall to survive a drought

While the most critical contributor to the success of any segmental retaining wall (SRW) will always remain detailed planning and competent workmanship, planting will transform a functional structure into an eco-friendly environment that can create a dazzling display of colour, scent and texture. Add to that the possibility of a drought and water restrictions, it […]

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Karin Johns, Freelance Journalist, investigates the effectiveness of pre-cast interlocking concrete block retaining walls in reducing highway traffic noise, as well as the urgency of reducing noise pollution – unwanted human-created sound that disrupts the environment – in South Africa. How concrete acoustic barriers work According to British Precast, trade body for the United Kingdom precast […]

keyboard_arrow_upSchool seating with the Terraforce 4×4 Step block system
keyboard_arrow_downSchool seating with the Terraforce 4×4 Step block system

Public or community seating solutions are often expensive and time consuming to install, leaving such spaces underdeveloped due to lack of funds.

keyboard_arrow_upTerracrete eco-surface hard lawn blocks
keyboard_arrow_downTerracrete eco-surface hard lawn blocks

Terracrete is an environmentally friendly alternative to impermeable urban surfaces, as the Terraforce block allows for unrestricted water penetration and can help manage storm water run-off by temporarily storing rainwater runoff before filtering it back – cleaned of impurities – into the soil.  

keyboard_arrow_up25 Steps to building a beach
keyboard_arrow_down25 Steps to building a beach

Following on from the successful implementation of beach front protection using Terraforce concrete retaining blocks walling on the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, Knutton Consulting were requested to design a support system for the beach front facilities at the Fairmont Hotel in Ajman . . . before the beach even existed. 

keyboard_arrow_upTerraforce combines construction with the healing process
keyboard_arrow_downTerraforce combines construction with the healing process

The Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital, an initiative of His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai, is not only dedicated entirely to children but was also designed by combining innovative aspects of design and construction with the healing process in mind. 

keyboard_arrow_upHow to build a strong D.I.Y retaining wall
keyboard_arrow_downHow to build a strong D.I.Y retaining wall

A strong wall is a well designed and built wall. You might consider the retaining wall you're about build to be solid from the front, but unless you give serious thought to what goes on behind and below the wall, it may not look good for long.

keyboard_arrow_upGetting a grip with the new Decorwall block
keyboard_arrow_downGetting a grip with the new Decorwall block

Murray & Roberts Western Cape, an operating division of Murray & Roberts Construction, was awarded a R193-million contract to construct the R300-million Willowbridge Place office development. 

keyboard_arrow_upSubtle but durable: new access tracks for Geelkrans Nature Reserve
keyboard_arrow_downSubtle but durable: new access tracks for Geelkrans Nature Reserve

Cape Nature was looking for a permanent, yet flexible solution for jeep tracks on deep sandy substrates at Geelkrans Nature Reserve, Stillbaai, without the associated footprint impacts of commonly used hard structures such as asphalt or paving.  

keyboard_arrow_upRevisiting Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
keyboard_arrow_downRevisiting Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

A successful product is one that gets used repeatedly, and one that stands the test of time. At Palm Jumeirah, the artificial palm frond island in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the Terraforce walls and staircases are now seven years old and have satisfied the expectations of the client. 

keyboard_arrow_upRetaining walls in an extreme climate
keyboard_arrow_downRetaining walls in an extreme climate

It has been exactly 20 years since Namwall took over the Terraforce license in Namibia. Prior to July 1993, two other companies had taken on the Terraforce license and failed. 

keyboard_arrow_upRetaining wall with varied form and function
keyboard_arrow_downRetaining wall with varied form and function

A steep slope in your backyard need not get in the way of your landscaping dreams. Concrete retaining walls can bring character and function to any landscape. If you're looking to change the feel of your backyard and create more entertainment space, a retaining wall may be the answer.  Have a look at this home in Kanonberg Lifestyle Estate where a retaining wall made all the difference.

keyboard_arrow_upTerraforce wins CMA Award formost sustainable installation
keyboard_arrow_downTerraforce wins CMA Award formost sustainable installation

Once again, Cape Town based precast block manufacturer, TERRAFORCE, managed to take home a prestigious Trophy at the CMA AWARDS and 40Th anniversary celebrations staged in Johannesburg.

keyboard_arrow_upMaking room for Shoprite Checkers
keyboard_arrow_downMaking room for Shoprite Checkers

Shoprite Checkers is Africa's largest food retailer with more than 750 corporate and 250 franchised outlets in 18 countries throughout Africa, South-East Asia and the Indian Ocean Islands.

keyboard_arrow_upPlaces to sit with the 4×4 Multi Step Block
keyboard_arrow_downPlaces to sit with the 4×4 Multi Step Block

The Terraforce 4x4 Multi Step block was developed to provide efficient and economical steps in conjunction with the company's' original retaining blocks

keyboard_arrow_upTerraforce walls grace prestigious Franschhoek estate
keyboard_arrow_downTerraforce walls grace prestigious Franschhoek estate

Terraforce retaining walls came out tops in the prestigious five-star guest village of L'Ermitage, set within the secure grounds of the well-known Fransche Hoek Wine Estate

keyboard_arrow_upTerraforce launches Terrasafe
keyboard_arrow_downTerraforce launches Terrasafe

The recent spectacular failure of a large wall in Namibia, built by a Terraforce competitor, and brought down during a rainstorm due to lack of drainage measures

keyboard_arrow_upFrom sheer ground to play ground
keyboard_arrow_downFrom sheer ground to play ground

Even heavily contoured land can become used and landscaped when using the segmental retaining wall system from Terraforce

keyboard_arrow_upRamping up and sitting down
keyboard_arrow_downRamping up and sitting down

Terraforce retaining blocks facilitate pedestrian traffic and offers informal seating at a new public transport centre in Athlone

keyboard_arrow_upKeeping the tide at bay
keyboard_arrow_downKeeping the tide at bay

A system of barrier blocks leading down to the beach and sea on Palm Jumeirah in Dubai was supplied by South African concrete block manufacturer, Terraforce

keyboard_arrow_upTake a seat
keyboard_arrow_downTake a seat

A variety of seating arrangements have been built using Terraforce products since the early 1980's

keyboard_arrow_upSpecial commendation
keyboard_arrow_downSpecial commendation

Of interest is the special commendation awarded to Terraforce in the CMA Awards for Excellence. Falling into the Concrete Retaining Block Walls category

keyboard_arrow_upYour growing force
keyboard_arrow_downYour growing force

Terraforce supply retaining walls and erosion control blocks. The aim of the guide is to provide information on indigenous plants suitable for growing on the plant supportive retaining walls that Terraforce manufacture