Raising the bar in safety flooring maintenance

The new groundbreaking range of Polysafe Mosaic PUR vinyl safety flooring from Polyflor is able to offer levels of cleanability, aesthetic quality and life cycle maintenance benefits that set the benchmark in the decorative safety flooring market.

Following a multi-million pound investment in state-of-the-art equipment, Polysafe Mosaic PUR now incorporates PolysafeTM PUR, a specially engineered polyurethane reinforcement (PUR). This technology is currently available on Polyflor’s market leading non-directional PUR ranges and has been developed and applied to the Polysafe Mosaic PUR range.

The PUR treatment is cross-linked and UV cured to provide a super strength reinforcement designed to make Polysafe Mosaic PUR even easier to clean, provide optimum appearance and colour retention, as well as improved soil release. The incorporation of PolysafeTM PUR also means that life cycle maintenance costs of up to 60% are achievable over a 15 year period when compared to untreated safety flooring using a micro mop maintenance regime (British Institute of Cleaning Science). Using this micro mop regime on Polysafe Mosaic PUR also reduces chemical usage, energy intensive cleaning and water consumption.

“This is a huge leap forward in the evolution of decorative safety flooring”, explained Simon James, Marketing Manager at Polyflor. “This PUR cleaning technology is tried and trusted on our homogeneous non-directional ranges and we can now offer ease of maintenance and design clarity never before seen on a safety flooring product.

“We are so confident of the first-class sustainable maintenance credentials of Polysafe Mosaic PUR that we have introduced a subtle white shade with a multi-flake and pearlescent mix, which can be used in showcase areas at the front of house where the floor needs to continually clean up well. Polysafe Mosaic PUR means safety flooring can now look great for longer whilst retaining the all important safety performance levels.”

With the inclusion of the white pearlescent shade, Pearlite 4115, Polysafe Mosaic PUR is now available in ten shades and is ideal for use in design orientated commercial areas, which need to maintain an attractive appearance while offering slip resistance properties for underfoot safety. Enhanced cleanability also makes it perfect for the more traditional, back of house commercial and social housing areas, where safety flooring is usually installed and where there is a high risk of spillages.

As with all Polysafe products, Polysafe Mosaic PUR complies fully with HSE and UK Slip Group Guidelines to give sustainable slip resistance throughout its guaranteed life, achieving 36+ on the Pendulum wet test (Slider 96/Four S rubber) with a surface roughness of 20 microns and above. The range also adheres to EN 13845 – the European standard for safety flooring

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