Pneumatic nailers for efficient woodworking

The new Bosch pneumatic nailers are designed for fast and efficient nailing in the woodworking, construction and refurbishment trades.The new compact pneumatic nailers from Bosch are designed for fast and efficient nailing in the woodworking and refurbishing trade.

Bosch now offers a range of state-of-the-art tools to cover all main nailing applications: the Finishing Nailer Bosch GSK 64 Professional for interior fitting work; the Brad Nailer Bosch GSK 50 Professional; and the Stapler Bosch GTK 40 Professional for furniture, upholstery and window construction. All of the tools are equipped with ‘full force technology’ for maximum power and the new ‘wood protection system’.

Bosch’s full force technology enables full power for fast work progress and a very compact design. A new valve system is used to reduce the size of the pressure chamber without sacrificing impact energy. This accelerates the build-up of pressure in the tool, allowing nails to be driven in flush even at high firing frequency.

The tool-free clearing function provides for rapid removal of jammed nails and makes working with the pneumatic nailer even more efficient.

The slim tool design offers a clear view of the fastening point. This ensures precise placement of nails and staples at all times.

And the new wood protection system designed into the pneumatic nailers protects the workpiece during nailing. When the magazine is empty, the triggering mechanism is disabled, which ensures that the workpiece is not damaged by the striking pin. In addition to this, all the tools can be fitted with a supplied rubbercoated tip.

Also newly available from Bosch is the Cordless Rotary Hammer GBH 18V-LI Professional with a long-life lithium-ion battery. This rotary hammer, said to offer the best power-to-weight ratio in its class, is designed for optimum concrete drilling efficiency. It can drill 115 holes (6mm by 40mm) in concrete with one charge of the Premium lithium-ion battery. The efficiency of the rotary hammer is due to the efficiency of the carbon-brush-free Bosch EC motor.

The new Bosch pneumatic nailers, the rotary hammer and other Bosch power tools are available at Bosch specialist retail outlets and hardware centres.

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