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EDT Eurodrain-KESSEL lifting stations

For domestic wastewater disposal

Eurodrain Kessel Aqualift sewage lifting stationThe Aqualift F Basic lifting station is an economic solution for domestic wastewater disposal. It is designed to handle wastewater with and without sewage for free-standing installation in frost-free rooms.

The Aqualift F Basic lifting station has been developed to satisfy all of the requirements of modern sewage technology, while taking into account profitability and efficiency for the user. The result is a lifting station that can handle any job in private households with its powerful pump. Designed for handling wastewater from drainage fixtures such as toilets, showers or sinks. The flexible connection options on three different sides of the tank means that it can be installed easily with minimum space requirements. The included control unit ensures continuous monitoring and a safe control of the lifting station. The Aqualift F Basic is the new standard and economic solution for wastewater disposal.

eurodrain kessel aqualift for lifting sewage when below the backwater levelFlexible

Three prefabricated inlet connections (vertical and horizontal) ensure flexibility when connecting the drain pipes. An additional area in the back allows further connections up to Ø 110 mm at any position. F


The interior sloped base of the tank guides solids directly to the pump, thus ensuring a full and clean extraction of all wastewater.

Eurodrain kessel minilift sewage lifting station


Large float switch with high buoyancy and 3 positions (ON/OFF/ALARM) for fail-safe and precise pump control.

Eurodrain kessel minilift for domestic sewageThe Minilift F lifting station – compact lifting station with high-performance SharkTwister macerator

The Minilift F is designed to be connected to a single toilet and two additional fixtures (e.g. sink, shower, urinal, bidet) in rooms below the backwater level or without sufficient gradient to the next sewage collecting pipe.

Minilift F is the ideal, low-cost solution for disposal of drainage fixtures in accordance with EN 12050-3 (for restricted use). The high-performance stainless steel SharkTwister macerator in the built-in pump reliably chops sewage and toilet paper. For this reason, a diameter of ø 28 – 34 mm is sufficient for the pressure pipe to the next sewage pipe. This means little effort is required even for retro-fit installation e.g. in old buildings. The direct toilet connection allows installation directly behind the toilet with minimum space requirement.

Minilift F compact lifting station made of polymer, for free-standing installation, sewage lifting system (toilet pumping system) with a macerator for wastewater with or without sewage integrated in the pump in accordance with EN 12050-3 for restricted use. With pneumatic level control and alarm function, a horizontal toilet inlet pipe size ø 110 mm, two side ø 40 mm inlet connections, pressure connection: ø 28 34 mm.


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