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Ecoguss® floor & parking deck drains

The economic alternative to cast iron drains

Ecoguss® is a new material that is becoming more and more accepted. Drains made from Ecoguss® combine all the advantages of polymer drains, such as low weight and no corrosion, with the advantages of cast iron drains, such as sound insulation and heat resistance, but without having to accept their specific disadvantages.

For this reason, more designers and architects are deciding to use this material of the future.

In addition to the sought-after Ecoguss deck drains, KESSEL now also offers the parking deck drain.

Ecoguss parking deck and floor drains available from Eurodrain in South AfricaEcoguss – the property drain for hospitals, sanatoriums, nursing homes, car parks, swimming pools and many other applications!

Traditionally, cast iron is specified in property building for reasons of preventive fire protection. Ecoguss shows the same benefits in fire protection as cast iron, but has a considerably longer service life.

The light weight of the Ecogus drains results in lower transport costs and rapid installation. The compact shape of the outlet results in lower installation costs. With a diameter of 160 mm, Ecoguss is around two thirds more slender than a comparable cast iron drain.

Thanks to the newly, developed “Quick-Fit” all round seal, the gap between core drilling and drain no longer needs to be sealed off with mortar.

Ecoguss is completely compatible with all cast-iron piping systems.

High-tech material combines advantages of polymer and cast iro

The new material is the result of years of research and development work at KESSEL. The company designed the high-tech material in intensive cooperation with its raw material suppliers. For the designers, the most important thing was to find a material which solved the corrosion problems suffered by cast iron. “After we had carried out numerous tests, we were able in the end to develop a composite material based on metals. Ecoguss combines the benefits of polymer and cast iron, but reduces construction costs. This helps, because low construction costs are becoming more and more important for investors in large buildings,” according to product manager Mark Jung.

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