Plan Vault – The safe way to store your plans

I&TS has developed a unique storage and facilities management solution for the building and property industry. It is a user-friendly, online application to store digital and paper drawings.

The application allows clients to store all relevant drawings under a user-specific profile and to have all stored drawings available 24 hours a day. It allows users to make notes, search information within drawings and access all valuable information pertaining to drawings quickly and efficiently.

The advantages of using Plan Vault:

  • Unlimited storage space for plans and relevant documents
  • 24 Hour/7day per week access to information
  • No software needed
  • Notes made on plans and stored online
  • Access from anywhere in the world, only an internet connection is necessary
  • Facility management notes can be stored on relevant plans for future maintenance work, available to anyone with login access to view
  • All relevant building detail and specifications for facility management can be stored with plans i.e. paint type and colour, type of globes, door schedules etc. for every part of the building
  • Full maintenance detail stored with the plan and area where work was done i.e. plumbing, electrical etc.
  • No lost plans
  • Advance plan register
  • A digitalised archive solution, i.e. storage of all digital and paper drawings
  • All drawings are electronically available for download
  • Drawings are stored in a safe and secure environment
  • A password and user specific secured access to information; users can utiltise access control to manage and limit users viewing certain drawings only
  • Maintenance specific drawings available to sub-contractors like plumbers and electricians

Being organised and staying organised on a construction site or in an architect’s or engineer’s office is an absolute must. Plan Vault will allow you to be on top of your game at all times. You will never need to search for another drawing again.

The architect/engineer can be in a different country and still upload new revisions for the construction site without leaving the office. Plan Vault saves time and money for the whole professional and construction team, keeping everybody up to date with the newest revisions, without issues of file compatibility.

I&TS offers flexible and extremely competitive professional fees based on the amount of information stored.

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