Perspex for all reasons

PerspexPerspex South Africa has been the leading manufacturer of cast acrylic products for the past sixty years.

Perspex has exceptional light transmission, excellent resistance to outdoor weathering, good thermoformability, and is UV stable. Both high gloss and matt finishes are available and the product is easy to clean.

Typical applications within the architectural industry include flooring, balcony guards, security glazing, roofing, aquaria and general architectural uses.

Cast acrylic sheet from Perspex can easily be formed and fabricated by simple workshop processes such as heat bending, sawing, drilling, polishing and routing. Perspex can also be fabricated by experience vacuum forming, drape forming and press forming artisans into a wide variety of exciting applications. Perspex is also supplied with a protective clear layer of cladding to ensure the surface remains scratch-free for as long as possible.

Typical applications within the fabrication industry are point of sale, décor, glazing and customised projects; while it has a variety of applications with the signage industry, such as router or laser cutting sign components, screen printing and spray painting, or self-adhesive vinyl films can be applied to Perspex to make signs as well.

Popular uses for Perspex in the sanitaryware industry baths, shower trays and spa tubs, together with premium front and side panels for baths and spas. Specialised, customised LED lit baths and spas exceptionally attractive when manufactured from Perspex. The specialised ‘Karran’ grade with a premium silk finish is ideal for kitchen sinks and basins.

Most exciting is the Innovations range. The Perspex range of clears, opals and solid colours is highly regarded and widely used. Perspex can also be colour matched to virtually any substrate by their in-house laboratory technicians. It is this versatility of colour matching that sets Perspex apart from the competition. The Innovations range takes this versatility a step further with the Frost/Silk range which offers a matt finish that is cool, elegant and non-reflective. The Pearlescent selection offers a soft metallic lustre, while Perspex Fluorescent is edgy and exciting. Perspex Sparkle has a glimmering effect that mirrors the look of polished stone. Perspex Vario is a range of striking transparent colours, where the fluorescent edge and colours change with light and viewing angle.

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