One stop draughting solutions

I&TS South Africa offer a one stop draughting solution for the broader building and property industry, specialising in architectural, civil, electrical and mechanical drawings. I&TS assists professionals in completing drawings for new and existing buildings to the highest standard and in the most efficient time, thereby ensuring satisfied clients.

Another I&TS specialty is converting outdated paper drawings into updated digital drawings for existing buildings like office parks, hospitals, shopping malls, retail stores, industrial buildings, government buildings, residential developments and airports. The highest quality and accuracy is guaranteed for the location of pipes, air-condition ducts, electrical and any other installations for “as build” plans.

To ensure that clients are working from the most updated drawings, I&TS inspects the existing buildings and compares them to the available drawings. They then take on site measurements to ensure that plans are accurate and up to date.

I&TS can revise drawings with alterations made in the building and check the supplied third party drawings. This means that the customer database of digital drawings is kept up to date for maintenance and in line with compliance.

With more than 15 years international experience in digitalizing drawings and keeping them updated for our client’s facilities management teams, I&TS can be relied upon to ensure a fast, effective and reliable management solution.

Longstanding clients include Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, Rotterdam Airport, Amsterdam Medical Centre, (2nd largest Hospital in the Netherlands), UMC Utrecht Medical Centre, (3rd largest Hospital in the Netherlands) and LUMC Leiden University Medical Centre, to name a few.

Using I&TS and their professional service provides clients such as facilities managers, property managers, architects, and engineers with the following advantages:

  • No need to invest into additional software
  • No need to employ extra staff
  • Mitigation of risks by reliance on our expertise
  • Easy skills access
  • Cost reduction
  • Renewed focus on your core business
  • No loss of revenue due to closing down of entire departments due to protracted maintenance issue in locating a problem where no drawings are available
  • Most current drawings available

I & TS is committed to providing a quality service, utilising the latest technology, tailored to clients’ exact requirements.

Their professional fees are both flexible and extremely competitive, based on hourly rates and/or fixed project costs, depending on the duration and content of the project.

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