One single layer protects and colours your wood

Rubio Monocoat both protects and colours wood

Rubio Monocoat combines two cutting-edge technologies to produce a product that both protects and colours wood.

The RMC Sunprimer Color achieves spectacular nanotechnology colour pigment penetration, while the RMC Decking-Oil 2C provides durable protection through the molecular binding of the product. The RMC Sunprimer Color is available in a range of different wood colours.

Highly suitable for exterior applications, the Rubio Monocoat is mould-resistant, permeable and waterproof. It offers high protection from the detrimental effects of UV radiation and is resistant to discolouration and peeling. It is also suitable for use on thermally treated wood.

UV damage resistance is tested to EN927-6 standards. The RMC Duo System was tested in their laboratory using the QUV-Ageing technique – accepted worldwide as a standard method for assessing weathering resistance under accelerated conditions. QUV test results showed total compliance with EN927-6 for 750 hours: IPE.

It is fast curing which makes it particularly suitable for industrial finishes and both air- and UV-drying systems.

With 0% volatile organic compounds, the Rubio Monocoat system is environmentally friendly.

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