Northgate Heights chooses quality - uPVC windows and doors

Northgate Heights chooses quality – uPVC windows and doors tick all the boxes for 295 apartments

295 apartments with uPVC windows and doors

Northgate Heights is ideally situated in the north of Johannesburg. Catering for young professionals that require a comfortable lifestyle, the apartments range from single bedroom to family-sized 3-bedroom apartments. For the developers of Northgate Heights, Key Projects (Pty) Ltd and Adamson Nielsen Construction, energy efficiency is an important value.

apartment interior with uPVC windows and doors

For this reason, they decided to specify Teva uPVC windows, manufactured using REHAU 60mm profiles, mainly because of their energy-saving benefits. This allowed the architects to design apartments with bigger window areas that comply with the energy saving requirements in the building regulations.  Furthermore, the developers knew that the uPVC windows also insulate against sound, which is very important when living in a high-density apartment block. The added advantages of welded (thus dust and draughtproof) windows plus increased security made REHAU uPVC windows the obvious choice. The results are beautiful, airy and serene apartments, flooded with light.

exterior view of apartment block

Working closely with Ian Aitken of Key Projects, Teva Windows supplied and fitted over 4000 uPVC windows and doors for Northgate Heights, to all 295 apartments over a period of 2 years, each one of them on time. “We have been working with Teva Windows for the last 4 years. “They have installed high-quality windows and doors for us and will be involved in our projects going forward”, says Ian Aitken.


Clearly, the residents of Northgate Heights stand to benefit a lot from the foresight of the developers and Teva Window’s expertise.


Northgate Heights apartment windows and doors

Key Facts:

Location: Northgate, Johannesburg

System: REHAU 60mm uPVC window and door system

Clients: Key Projects (Pty) Ltd

             Adamson Nielsen Construction

REHAU Authorised Partner, Teva Windows and Doors, supplied affordable, quality windows and doors with energy efficiency, sound reducing, increased safety and draught reducing features.


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