New industrial doors from Sandpalm

Sandpalm Doors was established in 1991, initially to manufacture vertical and horizontal sliding doors, primarily for use in the mining industry. Manufacture of roller shutter doors and roller grilles only started later in 1994 and Sandpalm has grown since then to become one of the leading industrial door manufacturers in South Africa.

Sandpalm Doors has now expanded its product range with two new products that are becoming more widely used in new warehousing and storage facilities around South Africa – Insulated Steel Sectional Doors and PVC Curtain High Speed Doors.

With double steel skin and rigid high density CFC free polyurethane foam infill, these sectional doors are strong, aesthetically pleasing and have excellent insulation properties. Presently this type of door is imported from North America and Europe where they are almost exclusively used for warehouses and storage facilities as they are extremely easy to operate and maintain.

Sandpalm has decided to set up its own manufacturing plant for these insulated door panels and will be able to supply a totally South African made product to the standards and quality of its imported competitors with the added advantage of quick manufacturing times. An investment has been made in new machinery, a high pressure foaming machine and moulding presses to produce the panels at Sandpalm’s facility in Vulcania.

PVC curtain high speed doors are primarily used inside warehouses and factories where temperature and airflow need to be controlled. These doors open and close extremely quickly, allowing forklifts to move from one area to another with the minimum loss of the conditions being protected. After extensive worldwide investigation into suppliers of this type of product, Sandpalm has teamed up with Ditec SpA, an Italian manufacturer with extensive experience and a comprehensive product range. These products include:

  • Full curtain rapid roll up doors,
  • Self-repairing curtain rapid roll up doors,
  • Modular curtain rapid roll up doors,
  • Modular section high-speed fold up doors.

All Ditec products are manufactured in accordance with CE regulations.

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