Natural stone quality

Natural stone adds elegance and a timeless beauty to buildings. Ultimate Stones specialises in the supply and installation of natural stone products, including sandstone, quartzite, slate and a variety of other products.

Ultimate Stones practices an approach of total quality, ensuring that their customers get the quality they expect and pay for, using only the best products. Ultimate Stone’s installation teams are highly trained and their project managers inspect the sites regularly.

With their extensive experience in natural stone, Ultimate Stones can advise homeowners, architects and construction companies on the correct types of stone for specific applications, and offer a service that includes designing, sourcing and building the project.

Over 15 well trained teams do natural stone installations all over South Africa, resulting in the ability and expertise to do any project of any size. Site supervisors are trained to concentrate on quality.

Natural Stones has ties to most of the major quarries in South Africa and neighboring countries and also import stone from all over the world, resulting in the ability to source almost any type of natural stone a client may require at very reasonable prices.

Natural Stones has installed almost all types of natural stone, and can therefore advise designers, architects and engineers on all aspects concerning natural stone specification.

More on natural stone types:

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock, resistant to weathering, which makes an excellent building material. Natural Stones has a large range of sandstone products available, from riven cladding to sandstone chunks in various colours. Sandstone products suitable for indoor and outdoor use are available.

Slate is a fine grained homogeneous metamorphic rock, derived from an original shale-type sedimentary rock composed of clay or volcanic ash through low grade metamorphism. The rich colours of slate and the durability make it an excellent material for cladding and tiles. Slate products are sourced from the best quarries with very stringent quality assurance processes in place.

Quartzite is a hard metamorphic rock that is extremely durable and very suitable for cladding products. Ultimate Stones is considered the leading installer of quartzite cladding in South Africa.

Projects undertaken include:

  • Upper Grayston Office Park in Ivory Sandstone Blocks,
  • a private residence in Westcliff using Maluti Mixed Sandstone Chunks,
  • an office block using Golden Sunrise Zimbabwe Style Blocks,
  • Stayeasy Hotel in Pietermaritzburg using Sandstone Stripwalling,
  • Baybridge Canal in Maluti Mixed Sandstone Chunks,
  • a selection of private residences using Madikwe Cladding,
  • Department of Education Offices in Pretoria done in Quartzite Champagne Cladding,
  • Jackal Creek Clubhouse in Sahara White Building Stone,
  • Antalywa Luxury Townhouse Development in Siltstone Decorative Rockwalling.
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