Moving Space short film awards

For the C&CI’s Moving Space short film competition, architects were invited to look at city spaces from a new perspective. The winning entries in the Cement & Concrete Institute’s ‘Moving Space’ short film competition for architects were screened at the recent Architect Africa Film Festival during Architecture ZA 2010 (AZA2010). This multidisciplinary cultural festival, focused on architecture and design, was organised in Johannesburg in September.

The C&CI’s Student Architectural Competition formed part of AZA2010 and this year the competition was extended to include a cinematic component.

Daniel van der Merwe, architect at the C&CI, says Moving Space was introduced to generate new ways of thinking about architecture and the use of concrete in building. “C&CI set out to stimulate an inventive approach to moving image production. Architectural students were invited to focus a critical cinematic lens on the urban environment in the context of the broad themes of AZA2010,” he says.

The award-winning film projects are:

  • A Procura de Pancho – from the University of Cape Town (UCT), a film about architect Pancho Guedes;
  • Pretoria Philadelphia – from the Open Window School of Visual Communication, a short film combining live action with 3D animation;
  • Time in Concrete – from the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), a film about the identity of the city of Johannesburg;
  • Timmy – from UCT, a film that looks at city spaces from a new perspective;
  • Touching Benches – from Wits, a short experimental film that looks at a day in the life of a Johannesburg concrete bench; and
  • No Hands Land – from the Big Fish School of Digital Film, a short film that looks at environmental structures and the workers who built them.

Film Website:

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