More than a floor ...

The Echo Prestress hollow-core slab system is a flooring solution offering simpler, faster construction and a durable end product.  

The versatility and multi-purpose functionality of Echo prestressed hollow-core slabs is sometimes overlooked, however. Echo hollow-core  slabs are not only suitable for floors but other applications too, such as security walls, reservoir roofs, retaining walls and warehouse walling, multi-storey floor applications to residential, commercial and industrial buildings, as well as suspended ground floor slabs in clay areas and a foundation system for social housing.

The foundation system for social housing
The Concrete Manufacturers Association is the Agrément Certificate holder for the hollow-core foundation system. Echo Prestress has been issued with the licence for the system. The certificate covers the Echo building foundation beams for use in all areas of South Africa in non-standard foundation systems of the type referred to in the Certificate, and on sites with founding conditions classified as Class C or H. The beams are to be used in foundations supporting single storey buildings of maximum plan size 6.6 x 6.2m with the foundation beam length in the 6.2m direction.

Security walls
Echo hollow-core security walls are designed for high end security requirements. Each job is designed to suit specific requirements and can be used vertically or horizontally.

Reservoir roofs
Echo prestress slabs can also be used in the construction of reservoir roofs.

Retaining walls
Vertical application
Echo Prestress retaining walls are commonly used instead of in-situ walls. Time and cost saving are a major advantage in addition to high quality and concrete strength. Each retaining wall is specifically designed to suit the project requirements. The foundation requirements also differ from project to project. It is best to consult Echo Prestress at the early design stage. Make use of their advice and design input – it comes at no charge and is guaranteed to result in an overall cost saving.

Horizontal application
The retaining slabs are installed into the flanges of steel or concrete columns. The retaining walls of this particular structure – a potato storage facility – were designed to withstand very high horizontal forces from within the building.

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