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Lonza's Tanapole raises the bar in wood preservation solutions

Overcoming the challenges of wood breakdown due to fungal decay, termites and weathering can be achieved if the correct wood preservation treatment is applied from the outset. This is the message from Lonza Wood Protection, a major supplier of wood preservation chemicals in South Africa. Tanapole™, Lonza’s recently launched umbrella treated pole brand, offers three packaged Tanalised™ wood preservative treatment options. Tanalised™C (CCA), Tanalised™ Weatherwood™ (CCA plus a special water repellant) and Tanalised™E (Copper Azole treatment) collectively, under the Tanapole™ brand, meet all the stringent requirements of wood preservation, particularly in the agricultural, fencing and building pole segments.

Why Wood Preservation Treatment?

Over time, wood suffers gradual physical and chemical change.  As an organic material it can support the life of other organisms, which, under certain conditions, leads to its rapid breakdown. Poles need to be correctly treated to protect against fungal decay (wood rot), woodborer and termites. Used in the correct application, wood preservation treatment provides reliable and long-term protection and in doing so, the performance of wood products is extended way beyond what nature intended.

Tanapole™ Treatment Process

All Tanapole™ products are treated with water-based wood preservatives in a pressure cylinder under a high-pressure vacuum process. This method ensures that the wood preservative penetrates and is retained within the wood cell structure. Vacuum pressure methods are an effective means of controlling preservative loading and the depth of penetration. The wood is placed in a cylinder (pressure vessel), which is then flooded under vacuum pressure with Tanalith™ wood preservative. Hydraulic pressure is applied until the correct amount of solution has been impregnated into the wood. The pressure vessel is then emptied of solution and a final vacuum is drawn before the timber is withdrawn and dried.

Some of the predominant characteristics that sets Tanapole™ products apart as a viable alternative option is that it is odourless, it does not leave an oily residue, it does not need to be rotated during storage, its low conductivity protects against current leakage and its low corrosiveness makes it compatible with a wide range of metal fittings.

Tanapole™ Product Options

  1. Tanalith™ C wood preservative is used across all Hazard Classes and has a proven track record of being effective against all wood destroying organisms by rendering the treated wood fibre useless as a food source for fungi, termites and woodborer. Applications are wide ranging from roof trusses to thatch roof and lapa poles, to walkways and decking, fencing, agricultural and vineyard posts, trellises and utility poles.
  2. Tanalised™ Weatherwood™ wood preservative treated poles are treated with a combination of Tanalith™ C (CCA) wood preservative and Weatherwood™, a water repellent additive that stabilises the moisture content within the pole to reduce the impact of weathering and cracking (weathering causes swelling and shrinking from exposure to wet and dry conditions and temperature changes, which in turn results in cracking and greying). These poles are used in Hazard Classes H2 (interior above ground), H3 (exterior above ground), H4 (exterior in the ground contact) and H5 (in fresh water contact) applications. Tanalised™ Weatherwood™ pressure treated poles are best suited for demanding applications such as agricultural fencing (especially under drip and flood irrigation), utility poles and vineyard posts particularly in hot and dry climates.
  3. Tanalith™ E is produced from a copper and organic Azole Biocide formulation. It is suitable for residential and commercial applications found in Hazard Classes H2 (such as roofing and framing timbers), H3 (such as thatching poles and lathes, timber decking joists, bearers and boards and external cladding and walkways), H4 (such as playground equipment, fencing and decking posts and landscaping material) and H5 (such as fresh water jetties, retaining walls and vineyard posts).

Tanapole™ After Sales Support

Lonza’s longstanding commitment to offer ‘peace-of-mind’ after-sale assurance to its customers is carried through in its Wood Preservative Treatment Guarantee Programme, the first guarantee of its kind to be offered in South Africa. The online registration process makes life simpler and more convenient for customers to immediately register their guarantee.

Tanapole™ products that are treated according to H2 and H3 Hazard Classes, are covered by a 25-year guarantee, while Tanapole™ products treated H4, H4V (vineyards) and H5 Hazard Classes are covered by a 15-year guarantee against insect attack and fungal decay. All Tanapole™ products are treated according to SANS 10005 – The Preservative Treatment of Timber, and meet the product SANS 457 product specifications for timber poles, droppers, guardrail poles and spacing blocks for Pine poles (SANS 457-2) and Eucalyptus poles (SANS 457-3). 

Furthermore, Lonza is able to connect potential purchasers of Tanapole™ wood preservative treated products with treated pole supply channels. As a leader in wood preservation treatment, Lonza is able to provide a full technical client support to its Treaters that is backed by superior technical expertise and a reputable ISO quality standard rating. 

For further information, visit the website at www.tanapole.co.za.

Lonza Wood Protection

16 Indus Road, Marburg
Port Shepstone
South Africa

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