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Lonza's Tanapole campaign takes to the road

Lonza Wood Protection is placing an emphasis on product awareness and education, particularly among the agricultural sector and pole treaters, as part of its launch of the umbrella Tanapole™ wood preservative treated pole brand. To date the campaign has received an overwhelmingly positive response from as far afield as Zimbabwe (at a Lonza pole seminar) and locally during the hosting of farmer awareness evenings with Kaap Agri and Outeniqua Pale in well-known vineyard areas, Robertson and McGregor in the Western Cape.

“We were thrilled to be invited by Outeniqua Pale and Kaap Agri to present Tanapole™ information at the Durbanville Agricultural Association’s October monthly meeting during the sponsor slot. This opportunity provided us with the perfect platform to explain the Tanalised™ wood preservative treatment options and address any concerns,” said Gerard Busse, Marketing Manager, Lonza Wood Protection.

Polokwane, which is home to a large scale of vegetable and citrus farmers, is another focal area for the introduction and growth of Tanapole™ preservatives in the treated wooden pole market. With this in mind, Lonza got on board as one of the sponsors at the Limpopo Agri bi-annual congress and gala dinner and used the opportunity to present the numerous Tanapole™ benefits and offerings. Many of the farmers in this area, and around the country, are now moving towards shade netting with new plantings in order to protect their investments. The Tanapole™ is therefore ideally suited with its water-borne wood preservative treatment that does not have an adverse effect on the netting material itself.

“Judging by the positive response received from the farmers in the Limpopo area, we feel confident that Tanapole™ preservatives are well placed to become the farmer’s treated pole of choice,” said Busse.

The KEEP THE TANAPOLE FLYING HIGH™ campaign is a first in the South African wood preservation market and is geared towards the agricultural, fencing and building pole segments to provide an education platform for the benefits of Tanalised™ wood preservative treated products. For further information, visit the website at www.tanapole.co.za or follow the campaign on Facebook at www.facebook.com/tiaantanapolesa and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/Tanapole

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