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Lonza Wood Protection makes the clear choice with the launch of metal-free Vacsol Azure

In yet another affirmative step towards embracing a modern, compliant product range, Lonza Wood Protection, formerly Arch Wood Protection, has announced the launch of Vacsol™ Azure™ – the first metal-free wood preservative in the light organic solvent market. The noticeable shift towards an emerging awareness by the end-user for alternative modern products sets the foundation for the introduction of this premium wood preservative to the South African market. Further re-assurance is the Ecospecifier Global endorsement, which gives consumers and professionals alike confirmation that the Vacsol™ Azure™ preservative treated wood exhibits ecological and health preferable characteristics in the various categories tested by the third party (see www.ecospecifier.com for more information on the organisation’s assessment).

Gerard Busse, Marketing Manager at Lonza Wood Protection, said, “Vacsol™ Azure™ preservative sets itself apart from previous solvent borne treatment products by being the first metal-free light organic solvent wood preservative that is ideal for interior cladding, laminated beams as well as moulded and engineered wood products. With Vacsol Azure treated wood being verified as an Ecospecifier Global product, it is rated among the contributing products to the achievement of the Green Building rating tool credits. This assessment was done following Ecospecifier’s thorough scientific assessment using a Life Cycle Thinking (LCT) analysis in combination with a health and eco-toxicity screening.”

This tri-functional wood preservative contains advanced organic azole fungicides and a synthetic pyrethroid as an insecticide / termiticide for the effective protection of timber against fungal decay, woodborers and insect attack. Pressure treated timber that has been impregnated with Vacsol™ Azure™ preservative, a Light Organic Solvent Based Product (LOSP), provides greater dimensional stability than conventional water borne wood preservative products.  Being metal-free and ultimately biodegradable, Vacsol™ Azure™ preservative is a far more suitable product than previous tin-based solvent treatment products such as TBTN and TBTO-Lindane.

“The growing awareness surrounding carbon emissions and resource depletion and efficiency has become major considerations when comparing timber to alternative products. Compared to untreated wood, Vacsol™ Azure™ preservative prolongs the life of timber structures thereby bringing about a substantial saving in energy costs resulting from harvesting, milling and further secondary processing. In support of the prevention of biodiversity damaging practices, the timber used at this stage are all abundant and renewable resources from South African pine plantations, of which many are certified under the Forestry Stewardship Council,” adds Busse.

Vacsol™ Azure™ treated wood is designed for use in low to medium risk H2 interior above ground hazard applications such as roof trusses, framing, flooring, ceiling and skirting, and selected H3 exterior above-ground applications. The preservation solution is a clear, amber coloured liquid and on application transforms wood to a light honey shade. All H2 Hazard Class aboveground applications carry a 25-year Limited Treatment Guarantee by Lonza Wood Protection (see the full terms and conditions at http://www.tanalised.com/sa/Products/guarantee.htm). Vacsol™ Azure™ preservative will initially be introduced through the following treatment plants: D & A Timbers and Lamtim in KwaZulu-Natal, and Airton Timbers and Timber Preservation Services in the Western Cape.

About Lonza

Lonza is one of the world’s leading suppliers to the pharmaceutical, healthcare and life science industries. Products and services span its customers’ needs from research to final product manufacture. It is the global leader in the production and support of active pharmaceutical ingredients both chemically as well as biotechnologically. Biopharmaceuticals are one of the key growth drivers of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Lonza has strong capabilities in large and small molecules, peptides, amino acids and niche bioproducts, which play an important role in the development of novel medicines and healthcare products. Lonza is also the world leader in microbial control providing innovative, chemistry-based and related solutions to destroy or to selectively inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms. Its activities encompass the areas of water treatment, personal care, health and hygiene, industrial preservation, materials protection, and wood treatment. In addition, Lonza is a leader in cell-based research, endotoxin detection and cell therapy manufacturing. Furthermore, the company is a leading provider of value chemical and biotech ingredients to the nutrition and agro markets. Lonza is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland and is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and secondary listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”).

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