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Lonza Announces 1st Winner in theKeep The Tanapole Flying Highcompetition

Lonza Wood Protection has announced that Dunstone Timber and Game Farm has been selected as the first winner in their innovative marketing campaign called ‘Keep The Tanapole Flying High™’ Ambassador Programme.  Launched in October last year with the aim of keeping Tanapole™ products ‘top of mind’ in the market as the preferred choice in treated wood, the campaign has captured the interest of the supply chain from treaters through to the end-user.

“We called for our customers to partner with us by submitting inspiring stories as to why Tanalised™ products get their number one vote. When we received the entry from the family owned Dunstone Timber and Game Farm, our attention was immediately drawn to their multitude and innovative applications of Tanalised™ preservative treated wood,” said Gerard Busse, Marketing Manager, Lonza Wood Protection.

Situated in the Oribi Gorge area of southern KwaZulu-Natal, Dunstone Timber and Game Farm (which adjoins the Lake Eland Game Reserve) supplies most of its building and fencing timber requirements from its own Eucalyptus Grandis plantations. Furthermore, the treatment is done onsite at two treatment plants. The first, 1.0 metres in diameter, was built by Trevor Dunstone and commissioned in 2003. Later, in 2008, Lonza Wood Protection built the second larger 13.0 metre length plant. As an accredited SATAS treater, Dunstone Timber is also a supplier to the local building merchants.

From humble beginnings in 2000 to a reserve that now boasts 2 500 hectares of sheer magnificence in world-class facilities and attractions that are mostly Tanalised™ treated, Dunstone Timber and Game Farm epitomises the ‘Keep The Tanapole Flying High™’ Ambassador Programme.

“When I joined the Dunstone family in 1999 at the tender age of 21, little did I know the vision that Trevor Dunstone, my employer and later father-in-law, had for the hectares of land in his family’s possession. Among the first developments in 2003, is Africa’s longest drop suspension bridge. At that time the treatment plants were not yet commissioned so the treated poles had to be brought in. The following year, we built the first five out of nine log cabins, but this time we were able to utilise our own treated wood from the first treatment plant and have been doing so from both plants ever since,” explains Jamie Stedman, Manager and Partner in Dunstone Timber and Game Farm.

The interior of the chalets feature extensive use of Tanalised™ treated wood Of particular interest is the innovative wood preservative technique used on the bamboo ceilings of the 350-seated banquet hall and the more recently built cabins. As Tanalith™ C wood preservative only penetrates the inside of bamboo, it has been skilfully split 4-ways to ensure a consistent wood preservative treatment throughout.

A quaint chapel, renovated from the old milking shed, is steeped in tradition with its rustic appeal of wooden pews and a cross. The Lake Eland Game Reserve features sixteen campsites; each with its own treated wood shelter next to an individual wooden launch site to cater for avid fishermen. Another African record to their name is the longest zip line, which boasts nine platforms all built from Tanalised™ treated timber, rock and cement.

“We would like to congratulate Dunstone Timber and Game Farm on being our first winner of either an advert or advertorial to the value of R10 000 in a publication of their choice, plus additional exposure in our social media and the Tiaan Tanapole™ website. In addition, they are automatically entered into the draw for the best overall story where they stand a chance to win their choice of an Amazing Race Team Build, a state-of-the-art Hitachi Interactive White Board bundle or a holiday for two to Mauritius. There are still five submission entry opportunities until the competition closes on 31 October and we look forward to receiving many more inspiring Tanapole™ stories,” concludes Busse.

For further information, visit the website at www.tanapole.co.za or follow the campaign on Facebook at www.facebook.com/tiaantanapolesa  and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/Tanapole

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