Lightweight building solutions

Hulamin Ziptech Roofing’ latest technology, Ziptech standing seam roofing system, is designed specifically to complement the durable and cost-effective properties of aluminium, and provides building designers with an opportunity to develop innovative roof shapes, allowing roofs to become the aesthetic feature of a building.

Smooth curving and tapering, extreme resistance to wind uplift and excellent thermal properties are a few of the key benefits of this superior weatherproof roofing solution. The light weight of aluminium, combined with Ziptech’s highly efficient installation method, means that continuous lengths in excess of 80 metres can be installed in record time

The mechanical zipping of the seams produces a load bearing, permanent connection. Ziptech has proven exceptional resistance to both positive and negative wind loading in many aggressive environments around the world.

A wide variety of application configurations are suitable for all shapes and most pitches of roofs, all substructures and supporting structures, as well as both ventilated and non-ventilated roof designs.

Performance is a priority and, with Ziptech, the roofing element remains safe throughout the service life. Special halters attaché the profile sheets to the substructure. The halters are locked into the seam and are overlapped by the following Ziptech element, thereby hiding the fixing elements under the roof. The roof sheets are overlapped and the halters are locked into the male rib of the sheet. The sheets are then seamed together, creating a roof skin that is not punctured by any fixing element.

Pressure and suction loads are safely absorbed. Residual moisture in the insulating layer can evaporate through the seam. The material is non-flammable and is resistant to flying sparks and radiant heat.

Sophisticated solutions are offered for roof penetrations, joints and gable ends.

Ziptech can be used as a lightning conductor, in line with international standards.

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