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Modern solar lights for perfect light without energy costs

house with solar lighting

With the new XSolar SOL-O sensor and the matching house number lighting XSolar SOL-O, STEINEL is expanding its successful range of solar lights. Both lights require no power connection and thus cause no energy costs. Without cables, they can be installed in a few simple steps wherever light is required. The highly efficient monocrystalline glass solar panel harnesses the energy of sunlight stored in a powerful and extremely durable Lithium Ferrum battery. The light from the XSolar SOL-O sensor will automatically turn on when its sensor registers a movement. Thanks to the twilight switch, the illumination of the house number luminaire XSolar SOL-O starts automatically when darkness sets in.

Light around the house

The outdoor luminaire XSolar SOL-O Sensor uses the power of the sun and works without any cables. Its highly efficient LED system with a capacity of 140 lumens at 93 lumens/watt ensures perfect lighting conditions around the house. With a colour rendering value of more than 80 Ra, colours are displayed realistically. The infrared sensor with a detection angle of 140 degrees has a detection radius of no more than 6 meters. If the sensor registers a movement, the light will automatically switch on. The soft light start, which is very pleasant for the eye, drives the luminaire slowly up to full light intensity.

House number lights

For lighting your house number, the XSolar SOL-O is equipped with a twilight switch. When darkness sets and falls below the light threshold of 2 lux, the light switches on automatically. When it becomes light again in the morning, it automatically switches off again when this light threshold is reached. Thus, the house number is well lit day and night and always perfectly legible for a good orientation.

Durable, comfortable light without energy costs

The particularly efficient monocrystalline glass solar panel ensures energy, even when the sky is cloudy. The powerful 2,500 mAh Lithium Ferrum battery stores the energy gained. The patented intelligent microprocessor control ensures the maximum energy efficiency of both luminaires. As a result, they work independently and regulate their behaviour independently according to the conditions of their place of use. Thus, optimal light is always delivered 365 days a year.

For decent lighting at night, both lights have a nightlight function of 3 percent. The soft illumination ensures more safety in the dark.

Due to the construction of the luminaire, the LED light system is protected against overheating. The lifespan of the LEDs is thus 50,000 hours with an average usage of 4.5 hours per day. This corresponds to a period of about 30 years.

The XSolar SOL-O sensor and XSolar SOL-O are specially designed for outdoor use and protected against splash water from all directions according to IP44.

Both luminaires are available in a durable aluminium housing in silver and stainless steel in selected construction grades, as well as online.

STEINEL grants a manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years in accordance with the current warranty conditions ( www.steinel.de/garantie ).

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