Lighting trends for 2010

Radiant-chandeliers-in-favour-in-SALighting trends for 2010 indicate that individual style choices are being framed by contemporary global issues influencing lifestyle, mood and social attitudes.

“Rather than startling new trends coming to the fore, 2010’s lighting trends seem to be a maturing or deepening of the preferences we have seen developing over the past year.” This is according to Valerie Poyurs, director of marketing at the Radiant Group (Radiant).

 “Broadly speaking,” says Poyurs, “global trends for 2010 are everywhere characterised by a desire for quality and durability, uniqueness and handicraft, simplicity and reductionism, natural materials, and sustainable, eco-friendly lighting solutions.”


The issues and social attitudes driving these choices are global in their influence, she notes. Many point to the recent economic recession that has impressed on everyone the need for value and longevity in items. Then there is the increasing awareness of the need for sustainability, of the choices individuals must make as responsible world citizens to preserve the environment. This is coupled with the reaction of consumers wearied by overwhelming variety: rather than use and discard, the leaning is toward “reuse and reinvent”. This has given rise to an increasing focus on classic, durable lighting solutions, with an emphasis on function and simplicity.

“This new sophistication is matched by a desire for ‘authenticity’,” says Poyurs. “This need is satisfied according to taste, with the use of classic and traditional shapes beautifully crafted in metals and natural materials, or the introduction of uniquely hand-crafted, sometimes vintage items into personal environments.”

Poyurs reports that the Light and Building 2010 trade fair, held in April in Frankfurt, attempted to categorise the more important trends for the home for 2010/2011. Internationally recognised design consultants from Bora.Herke of Frankfurt and Berlin analysed current trends and influences from the worlds of fashion and art, including exhibitions, trade fairs and publications, to define four themes: Gentle Ease, Contemporary Classic, Creative Verve, and Advanced Purism.

In an interview with, a trend defining information site for the international trade community, designer Claudia Herke explains: “Running through all four styles, we perceive a growing awareness among consumers, as far as trends in the home are concerned, of lasting values, quality, individuality, credibility, emotional appeal and a desire to concentrate on the essentials. Significantly, this is leading to a changing pattern of consumer behaviour.”

Poyurs says the same holds true in South Africa. “As a South African lighting and electrical manufacturer and distributor, Radiant supplies lighting solutions to wholesalers and retailers, but also designs and installs high-end solutions at large corporate and commercial buildings, hotels and lodges. The style and design preferences of these clients closely match trends we see emerging internationally.”

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