Lighting controls support energy efficiency

Legrand-Arteor-touch-dimmerThe new Arteor range of wiring devices from Legrand encompasses a wide selection of electrical controls, from simple switches to advanced home automation systems. Included in this portfolio are complete solutions for modern lighting management. With the latest electronics technology these lighting controls support energy efficiency and offer various functions to suit offices, hotels and other commercial as well as residential environments.

Axel Imbert, general manager at Legrand, says, “The versatility of the Arteor range enables users to create their own lighting scenarios, whether it is low illumination, bright lighting, or a cinema setting. Motion-sensitive and automatic switches, as well as a new generation of dimmers, have been designed not only for elegance and flexibility, but also for enhanced energy efficiency.” The new touch dimmers, which range from simple single-load dimmers to sophisticated systems for more complex installations, are available as standalone units and with BUS or radio technology. The dimmers can be used to control traditional incandescent and halogen lamps and transformers as well as the newer LEDs and compact fluorescent lamps.

The standalone lighting controls are available with round or square rocker plates, in white or magnesium. Special finishes for the touch control panels include woven metal, red mirror and marine leather. Universal icons ensure easy recognition.

Devices for automatic or adaptable control of lighting in offices include skirting lights with a detector, automatic switches and a lighting environment controller. These systems are enhanced by access control and data and audio and video sockets, providing for functional versatility as well as energy-efficient management. Legrand’s Light Mood manager, which offers four programmable scenarios and a dimming function, is designed to create specific lighting environments for conferences, video or slide projections and meetings.

For the residential environment the Arteor range includes touch plate and sensitive switches, where preferred scenarios can be pre-programmed. Smaller and bigger touch screens provide for control of selected systems or all the electrical systems in the home – including lighting, roller blinds, centralised temperature control and the alarm systems.

Legrand has also addressed specific lighting functions for hotels and provides simultaneous controls for bedside lamps and main room lighting, as well as the opening and closing of blinds or curtains.

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